149. Michele Rayner-Goolsby - burst 08


The time adulthood happens many Catholics. Many people who were raised Catholic. some people still use it as their voting principle, some people will be like I'm actually a single issue voter in that's abortion and it's very confusing because I've had one. You like like there's that first thing. But there's a there's less of A. Is just it's different than the Black Church. In terms of how voting works out for sure and I I hear your experience with when you were ten. Understanding yourself all that yeah, I mean, and so I knew in. I. Don't know if I would be able to like articulated out eleven like Oh. Now looking back. That's what it was like I, knew I was just like I'm different but you know I never worked to live that out. and so I grew up in the church and went to like a Chris all ended up. Dated you know men for? Actually ended up.

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