The Rise of the Ratty Muscle Cars

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Hello my friends and welcome back to another episode of talking Mo- part before we kick things off, I just wanted to announce that. In case you have not heard the build Mo- par project car has been chosen and we. The people have decided that the modern Hemi will be going into a nineteen sixty eight dodge DART superstock tribute car, so now Hemi pages is on the hunt for nineteen sixty eight dodge DART hardtop to use as the platform for the built. So if you or anyone you know is selling a nineteen sixty eight dodge DART. Please reach out to my friends over a Hemi pages. You can go to Henry Pages. Dot. Dot Com or even build. Mo-. Par Dot com and reach out to those guys and let him know what you got. This is going to be a really exciting build, and if you didn't get a chance to vote on the first round, be sure to vote in on the next rounds and also tell all your friends about this project. We need to blow this thing up. We need to get thousands. Hundreds of thousands hopefully, millions of people involved in this and just see what we can come up with as a community I'm sure we can cook up something crazy, so that should be really fun. Maybe you've got a moped project. Project you're building or maybe you just went out and bought yourself your I. Mo par. Maybe it's not a show car. Maybe it's a little ratty. That's what we're talking about here today. I WanNa talk about the rise of the ratty muscle cars, because it seems to me that in the past few years, these ratty muscle cars and radio trucks have blown up. They are huge right now and I think I have the answer as to why this is occurring, but you know. I think it's multifaceted, but I really liked the movement I think it's an awesome movement. I think. It opened some doors for people that would otherwise not be able. Able to get into a muscle car. I think it lowers the barrier for entry for people like myself that don't have a lot of money can't buy show winning car that can't buy a fully restored Khuda or something crazy like that, but maybe you found a ratty mo par in your local classifieds for a couple of grand that needed a little bit of work, but you could tow it home and get running and driving lickety-split and get it on the road. That is Iraqi muscle car, and that's what I like to see. I love to see these cars on the road and not rotting into the ground. I think it's awesome. So now that we're warmed up, let's get this show on the road. This week project car the week is actually a truck that was posted on Wednesday July twenty, second at three PM, and going with the theme of ratty muscle cars and ratty trucks I thought this was a perfect fit, and it also happens to be really cool and has a ton of potential and would make an excellent project vehicle for anybody that wants to get in the Mo- par game and doesn't have a lot of coin in their pocket, so let's get into the at. Nineteen Seventy Dodge D. One hundred short box, five, thousand, six, hundred ninety five dollars Columbia Falls Montana lowered six inches the right way twenty inch wheels out back in eighteen inch up front wheels and tires, brand, new three eighteen auto, call or text titles. Status is clean. All right folks what we have here is what appears to be a running driving nineteen seventy truck. And it's got a cool Patina on it. It is not a show truck by any means if you think you're going to get. Show quality paint, and no dense dings or bumps bruises. You are wrong now. In case you're new to the show. I am a huge fan of mope par trucks and especially the nineteen seventy two to nineteen eighty, because I do have seventy six myself but I really love the early swept lines, and they have a ton of potential, but the good thing about trucks. For some reason they look amazing when their team it out. Maybe it's just me and now don't get me wrong I. Do love a beautiful. Beautiful Show Truck I. Love Him. I think they're gorgeous. There's something about an old. You know for lack of a better term farm truck that I really like especially ones that are slightly customized. You know little lowered with some nice wheels. They just have a personality and its personality that I really liked the nice thing about this one is that runs drives so like many of the other project cars? We've talked about the past. You can go out and enjoy this thing while you work on it this. This thing is good to go scout brand, new wheels and tires on it, and you know what it runs and drives. It's got a three eighteen in it, so you can keep three eighteen, or you can upgrade. Get a modern. Hemi, you know five thousand this. You could probably get this trump for five grand,

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