Bucks health director wants modified quarantine for schools


Official is advocating a modified quarantine for anyone who tests positive for Corona virus as a new school year begins. The plan relies heavily on masking As we hear from cable to use. Kim Globus. Dr David Damn, stur says the problem with the 14 Day Quarantine is it's very disruptive, especially in a school setting. Schools should not shut down every time there's a case in the school every time there's a case in the classroom, because then it becomes a game of ping Pong. Where someone says, Oh, I was possibly exposed or I'm gonna shut down the plant from fortunes, the kids going back and forth back and forth. Damn school, says the county has actually been using the modified quarantine with first responders since March in thousands of cases, and he says it works, he says exposed Person wears a mask, monitor symptoms and goes about their business well, walking around like pointing all the time anyway, and I think that once people think about it that way they realized you know what? What's the difference? When you go into a store? You already assumed that everyone around you has Corona bars. That's why we're masking distancing, right? That's the whole point. Dancer says Schools will be monitored closely to watch for community spread, he says. If that happens, it means the health and safety plan is not working. Kim Glovis

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