The House and Senate, even some opera as the final night of the convention


The House and Senate, even some opera as the final night of the convention stretch toward the morning. So where do we go from here? Will trump CIA post convention polling bump and what will campaigning during a pandemic look like for both campaigns? We're going to talk about all this now with Francesca Chambers, White House correspondent from McClatchy Welcome. Thank you so much. Well, you were there at the White House last night. What did you make of it all? Well, last night was definitely interesting. And certainly most of us have never, ever attended a political event like that, at the White House on the South Lawn. Many people have been asking today what the scene was like and how many people were massed. It's tough, Tio estimate, but I would say that from what I could see, most people did not appear to be wearing masks. And there wasn't Corona virus testing there. And already, my colleagues in Charlotte have reported that at the Republican National Convention, the first David, which was held was in Charlie that multiple people who attended that had just been positive for Corona virus. And so certainly that that news coming today raises questions about the White House, not testing the roughly 1500 people who were there yesterday. Yeah, well, it certainly on TV looked like a super spreader event. So what was the explanation, if any given by Republican officials as to why they put 1500 people there without testing them? Well.

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