A Look At The Soon To Be Launched Statamic 3.0

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We are working on static three We announced it I think I was six. I was I just learned to ride a two wheel like and I said. Virgin threes, coming. In fast forward. Thirty one years here. I am It's how it feels as I mean at the at the one inch yard line. That's not doesn't make sense at the one yard line fourth and inches ready to I don't even watch a Lotta sports why using sports as a metaphor we're almost done and every every Monday. It's like, all right. We're GonNa Watch on Wednesday and then on Wednesday that close throat like probably, Monday? Yeah we're that close like we are so close that maybe Maybe, before this episode is live were launched. Nice. So you don't know what is the current status like the today is Monday three, ten pm eastern time yes. Is this a we're launching on Wednesday moment right now? No, no, no, no, no, no, no no. So on Friday I thought it was this next coming Wednesday, and then at four thirty, I found a section of the site that had been completely missed by my redesign and. Now. It's not just like it's not a lipstick page. It's like it's like a whole you X. thing. So I, have to spend a couple of days to work through that and when it affects the ability to buy something. Yeah. So it's bringing me next week pregnant next week early next week that seems like a good time to launch something. Yeah. Early next week sounds good I mean unless unless I like fall into a bucket adderall or something I think the only just GonNa take some more time. Yeah. Well. That's cool I. Hope you get it out then because that'll make for for some interesting podcast fodder for sure. So I guess like, got us this page that you discovered on Friday what else is kind of in the In the Tornado of launch. Launch Madness. So I mean there's there's a lot going into the relaunch. So it's Not just version bumper you click upgrade you know. We're changing the business model a little bit. The pricing structure is different. We're going like full open source. We have a free version that you can use for whatever okay you want what's the pricing difference? I'm always always loved to talk about pricing. So let's talk about it because it's it's too late to do anything about it. We already announced it. So here it is. What is it now like? Yeah. So right. Now as of August tenth at three twelve pm, it is a one, hundred, ninety, nine bucks one time for the life of the line. To like however long US v two. That's what it costs We have a free trial. You can use it like in Dev or for staging sites, but to launch site on ninety nine, that's it There's no other that's it So with V three, we are kind of going both directions. So we are pushing the price up to two fifty nine and we're adding an annual renewal that gives you support and updates. So that's fifty nine bucks a year. Per site, but we also have the free open source version for like Solo like hobby projects, personal site. So like a lot of people that are like Oh God I don't WanNa spend another fifty nine even more while probably don't have to pay anything for that site and it's gone really The sites that are higher of importance or have clients have teams working on them like what's the difference between one ninety, nine to fifty, nine, Yup. That makes sense to me. So. What's the difference in the Free Model? So currently, it's like free in development, right? So like running on local host, your building the site, you don't need a license to do that. But what is like the heuristic now for like you have to pay the two fifty nine People can use it for like what does it mean to use it? For quote unquote small sites or whatever. Yes. So we have like in the code, we lock out some features. So you get one super user account. You can't have multiple users. So you don't have permissions you don't have user groups you don't have all that stuff You don't have some of the more workflow team based features like revisions like you have different versions of content. So you can like you know schedule and publish you know like yet. So this version it's you've just had selective about trying to differentiate between like. kind of simple and sophisticated customers sort of choose. Things. Sophisticated people with budgets need that other people don't need. Those real time collaboration not that useful when you only have one user count, right? Yeah I would just. Turn that off also the get integration in the control panel so the assumption would be. that if you're a solo person, you're probably the developer right? Because if you only have one person on project, you should be able to code. and. So you don't need to control panel get stuff. So that will also be a pro pro feature.

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