1104 D&S: Topics? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Topics!


Well, let's the eightieth day of our self-isolation and it's Kinda like Vegas in our house. We're losing money by the minute cocktails or acceptable at any hour. Nobody knows what time it is. Fortunately, it's always a good time for the nice guys own business podcast. It's funny. You mentioned because I do have a remote that I actually controls and electric device in your? House. Another it's JJ's toy. that. Sorry. Dear Mr. Vernon. We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it is. We did wrong. But we think you're crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are you see you see us as you want to see us in the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions. The what we found out is that each one of us is the nice guys on business. Bill from where you are now to where you could be. Get expert tips to grow your business to be more productive and more efficient whether trying to build influence, grow your community or make it rain bestselling author of Nice guys finish. First Doug Sandler can lead the way. The Nice guys on business is produced by turnkey podcast productions. Now, here's your host. Doug Sandler. That's the big red button right. Never, hit the red button the red button easy button right that was no. We'll see the easy button would be staples, which would be totally like two thousand and beyond so that people understand that but the real red button wasn't that like bugs bunny and Marvin Martian wasn't that never hit the red button not the red button wasn't that what that was. Yeah that was Marvin My. Marvin Martian. Hodge Alita. To rule the world somebody made a comment the other day in my office by the way. Welcome back. Welcome back combat on the other side of Mexico. About. Shit, what came up was intermission or opera or something I don't remember. But I found a clip of bugs bunny and the the rabbit of Seville. Oh my gosh. So good. The Ravenous. Brilliant where he takes his hand out of the glove while the note is still paying high goes like he cooks a cake. He got my favorite episode. Some of my favorite episodes are the bugs bunny, the the Bar Seville that's and the witch episodes and the one or broom. Hilda. And the and the Mar. Marvin Martian it's like It can't get any more classic and and Great. You know than Chuck Jones doing that the entire voiceover of every frigging character on bugs bunny. But does anybody even know bugs bunny anymore? You know I usually give you a lot of shit for making old person references. Like fucking Johnny Carson and whatever but I'm going to totally let you slide on this because to me like the bugs bunny like the wardrobes cartoons like arches so so far superior to the Disney cartoons that were coming out of the time the bugs bunny stuff it's just brilliant and Chuck Jones Directed Them Mel Blanc. Voice Voice. Voice of Every Warner Brothers character was Mel Blanc. All right. But can we go back for a quick moment and can we just do a slight comparison and I'm not saying compared just from a creative perspective because I know something like South, Park and family? Man has huge huge amount of creativity in the in the scenes and the and the. Characterization and all of that stuff. But just from a just from a aesthetic perspective, how do you compare South Park to bugs bunny I mean there's full movement versus like to movement how do you even compare stuff like that? Funny. The question is what's important to you right like what was the show you watch teen titans right. Teen Titans go I I think it was on in the. Not Ninety maybe it's the two thousand because my kids used to watch it right. And they would always complain. Older. Sure. Was it sure that's why you watch it because your kids right exactly of and the animation was like Kinda crap. It was like you know pretty pretty basic and they would always complain about it but the writing was so good and so funny it didn't matter to me right so I look at South Park and you realize they produce show in in seven days. Ever will yeah, I, guess. Yeah I guess I mean the you. An episode normal episode of animation, Simpson's or King of the hill or something it takes six months to produce her literally seriously there's no joke I mean it takes six months to produce.

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