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Are still looking at delays trying to get through the Emeryville area. This is westbound 80 between Ashby and Powell Street. It was a car fire being reported. Right lane, though. Chill. Not about a collision camp still sees as blocked and traffic is backing up on the shore Freeway now, uh, pretty much back to university almost university to some little shy of it. This has, however metered the slow traffic that was gathering at the toll plaza of the Bay Bridge, So there's no longer any weight at the toll plaza and a bit of sluggish traffic We've been reporting for the last of our report says pretty much have been metered off the bridge because of the hang up of traffic here on the East Shore. The San Mateo Bridge were back to normal. Now, longstanding stall has been cleared. That was westbound accident. San Jose North Wanna one at McKey that is still up against the center divide. That's why a little bit of slow traffic, it's starting to move a little more efficiently. The area around rings. Dorf on south one A one. A mountain view recovered now from an earlier accident, But we go back to the Altamont Pass. This has really been a sore spot. All morning. Long West 205 is still backed up solid.

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