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Dream shot The animal blacks and blues College Navy A call weathers weather. All right, So here we go. This is now I gotta think in all the years of the forecast, we do archives, you know, Coach just his big trivia game last night with a bunch of Media luminaries carry Crowley, Marty Loury, etcetera. He had a lot of fun. He was talking to me during the break about some of the questions they has. So I would also say, so they had to go into the archive of the Giants. History. Names like Brett Tom Co. Were brought up names like Yusmeiro Petit were brought up yet, so I'm gonna actually say they're out. There is a Friday football forecast archivist and it might be flats. Who knows? I I don't believe I think if you and this is like, going to find Eli Manning's MVP votes to I don't believe I've ever started winless in two weeks. No, but I know the laws ever happened. Listen, I love the way you're thinking, too, that the Murphy Mac show now needs and like in an archivist, like you know, the Grateful Dead have one and my buddy Brian Connors is like good friends with the guy I know The guy's name is David Lemieux. He decides which shows going, come out grow. How about you? And I put in an ad like in the in the in the papers wherever online Craigslist. Whatever. However, you find jobs these days, like wanted Murph in Mac Archive manager. Like Know what Buddy? I love where your head's at dude Archivist, I think what's good for archivists? Whatever the hell it is, would find. I don't think I've ever started O and this just goes to show you how cursed I am. I definitely can't tell you after two weeks I've never started Owens. Three, right because my Houston Baylor pick got postponed by Cove it right after we got off the area's right, right. Right. So everything's win. So definitely we're facing some adversity. Some rough waters. We are, but, you know, do you know we do it right into the storm? Dude with the storm poly right storm into that, As we say in the Shakespeare class, gentlemen, once more into the breach, Yeah, once more, exactly once more into the breach, And you know what's back, So I told you guys I was flying blind last year. We had last We'd like to know what

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