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Talk A lot about Colin. Kaepernick who of course has become far more than an athlete and more than any athlete of his generation has become super politicizing talk about how sports is a narrative of nationhood and definitely think that you could write eight the story of modern America on his last Assi What What do you? What do you? What are you? What are you thinking about? Colin Kaepernick. I think he's great. I think the truth almost didn't come to light. They. They suppress it for so long and so long and so long I think that it is. Emblematic of what's going on the country as a whole where you have this man and expressing is. Liberal belief. and. Becomes a lightly We tell ourselves we're in the twenty th century were everything is so diverse, and then you see what a lightning rod that becomes for. White. Anger. Someone expressing pride who is but also like. You can't kill black. That's radical athlete baboots how that's That's where we really are that. You can't say. Retaliates tally is wrong. Those are the hard enforces of racism, which I which I can chew colonialism in larger forces and patterns. How advanced how might and can the society be if you if it's if it's controversial as it was in that moment? Thankfully it's I think. As this moves forward. He's becoming raise established himself as one of a line of. Athletic spokespersons yet if you go back on tradition begins. Muhammad Ali's or the world and the Jim Brown's the world who's as like Oh as black versus one of the few people who is allowed any sort of visible Jackie Robinson in different. S. And that's end. And then he became corporate. Right. But the happiest people's right night. I talked about Jim Brown on the NFL who made the decision to leave NFL. After A manhood battle with art modell whose the owner Cleveland browns and direct line and one of the things on everything. We think we're saying there's historical precedent for it and the function and the horses ourselves. Insane. And so right. You look at that the and you look at what's happening feeling I'm not the first person. Say This I long chop wanted to contextualized story. And also like yeah. Camp is doing civil rights work. In the resistance that he faces shows you how much of this country is still against the most basic expression of civil rights what do you? What do you make of? The NFL along with the NBA? WNBA. Others. The institutions of sport have seemed to have come around to say you know we're going to embrace black lives matter. We're going to plastered all over the field or the court wear whatever you want. Neil. However, you want like you know we're fully supportive of the movement and yet gaps still doesn't have a job. So he still sacrificed his dream. Surely, it was his childhood dream that he achieved And then had that taken away chose to go after something bigger, and now that the the sports world, the NFL in particular has come around to his side of things. He is still left out which for so many of us for you to. ADDS a hypocritical sheen to all of it. I mean, I don't know I can't fully embrace what the NFL is doing until he is welcome back into the fold in a serious way. I mean, one of the. made the final cut I. Don't remember off the top of my head but wasn't Michael Vick can chilidog and still have A. Job in Colin Kaepernick, can't say. Shoot people. And not have a job. That's what I think. First of all the NFL. Lost me just I mean. There are a lot like their lot of sports. I. Love. I. Love Sports is you know and but there's always another sport and league baseball loss during steroids. Haven't been back. Haven't really looked back. I might watch catch on the corner of my eye, the barbershop every once in a while. The NFL. Because they are so far on what you say what you think the man like Avenue you know Muhammad, Ali's spent. Eighteen months in jail for Kosovo Vietnam War. I don't remember how much. Much of the baby actually did. Athletic careers. sports and they end when you're still a young individual with a lot of life ahead and as you read it as Jim Brown realize can't stop. By many miles at. And right the dream of NFL would it looks like it might be over I hope that it's eventually someone will give him a shot maybe but. And will air. We'll find the next stream. Nets like life purpose. That's always the challenge of being an athlete. It happened to him in a prematurely it's not fair but he's shown himself to be larger than that lead

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