On his fighting gloves, Joe Biden was silent.


The history of art on his fighting gloves, Joe Biden was silent. Ises, far left supporters assaulted police officers harassed innocent Americans and set fire to buildings. The president also mocking Biden for taking a break from the campaign trail to prepare for next week's debate. We cannot have a low energy individual as our president. The president has a busy weekend ahead with two more rallies and the Supreme Court nominee. Announcement in between. Steve Rapoport. Fox News. Republican leaders on Capitol Hill say there will be a peaceful transfer of power of the president loses. Despite what the president says. Asked again whether he'd commit to a peaceful transfer of power, the president again declined. We want to make sure the election is honest, and I'm not sure that it can be a mass mailing of ballots that Mr Trump is railed against is only occurring in nine states in Washington, D C. I will always take care of our wonderful senior citizens.

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