Ornithologists Attribute Owls Nocturnal Lifestyle To Cocaine Habit

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Powell's when we're putting on our PJs they're just waking up to start their day and when we're waking up there in their nests putting on PJ's of their own but why scientists have long wondered about the predatory Birds unusual sleeping habits, but a new study now attributes the owls nocturnal lifestyle to their hard cocaine habits here at the details is opr nightbeat bird correspondent Charles, Dearborn Charles are you there? Who's asking me the topicals host? Leslie Price, you meant who like an oil says off that is just too cute Charles tell us more about this study a little scam gladly in a ground-breaking report released in the scientific journal Nature want to solid just said Bowdoin College in Maine made the case that all owls struggled with severe cocaine addiction that keeps them up from Sunset to the wee hours of the morning. Here's the studies

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