Blinkers Off 459: Breeders Cup Challenge Series Bonanza

Blinkers Off


Bob Baffert has never lost the preakness with a horse of when the Kentucky Derby that's a pretty good staff especially when you look at all the horses. They've come on line. So yeah, I mean I think is the one to beat especially because there and he was like like not even done running on the track and Bob Baffert. Freeness and that's the other thing you like the law soon after the race again, we're not I don't know. We're not doing that. We'll see a his owners were like, yeah we're going with like, yeah. We'll see in your right as soon as authentic. Cross guard on the Baltimore Yeah. I mean he's pretty confident. He's going to run well yeah. He's the pick right now but listen. Say Authentic draws the rail. There's more speed he gets pressured. Yeah. Sure. We could. We could come up with ways but as of right now, just looking at the field and looking okay who's the most talented run in the race? It's authentic. Change what's the best way we'll talk? We'll talk more about obviously next week you know be all about the preakness, the website. Got Tom of articles. But of course, we'll be all about it on the podcast you have rhinestone suspected is true. Specific Day well. It wasn't today, but it was Monday the the boobs at. Magic Mike. We're trying to talk about Kyla Murray to me because I was watching. I was watching their feet him. You're GonNa talk to me about gather Mary. Jo. Listen talk about somebody to was cool. The best thing I saw today was Kyla Murray is having a tremendous tremendous start to the NFL. season. Now. Will it last? I think it will but will win MVP I'm not sure around I'm not sitting here saying he's better than your guy he's not but I think cuyler Murray's adamantly tremendous quarterback and I promise magic on Monday that I would I would tell you the second I knew the Kyla Mary was the Best College. Football player I'd seen live and in person okay and I didn't see mahomes live and in person just to so you know the year he had his great year they played on the road. Oh. You played at Texas Tech and I wasn't there. So I don't WanNA offend you in any way. But. Listen. Kyle Murray played an absolutely horrific game against Texas. The first time they played them they he he went on they won the big twelve when they faced Texas in the big ten championship game and he played tremendous guys revenge. But the first time they played them Kyla moves absolutely horrific. Horrible in the game until the fourth quarter. So it's forty five to thirty one. Okay and Cuyler in Oh you get the ball back with five five minutes to go in the game and I was sitting by an older gentleman and he said, what do you think we have to do to win the game and I said, well, we have to score in a minute because we had one time out left and all US defense was absolutely pathetic, right? So I said we have in a minute. Allow Story Short. It took thirteen seconds for real you the score and make it forty five to thirty error display and the reason why is because Kyle? Murray made the greatest run I've ever seen ever ever ever ever in a in a game where I was attending. So. Where they ran a quarterback there with a thirty three yard line, their own thirty three. So sixty seven yards away from a touchdown. Okay and they run a drummer with five fifty four left in the game. We have to score an amid and they ran a quarterback draw, which is a terrible call if you didn't have the Murray so they run a draw and cuyler. He's got about eight yards going towards the silent. In me and this older Guy Yara Kara good job get out of balance amounts we've got to save time. And he's jogging towards out of bounds line and all of sudden he cuts up the field and he goes sixty seven yards for a touchdown. It took in twelve seconds. Alec looked at the guy. Next to me and I said, Hey, twelve seconds is enough time for us to maybe get the ball back. There was one of the best runs I've ever seen because there was like four guys coming on AMIS coming out of bounds. It's like, okay you're going to jog bounces a good quarterback scramble cuts rap the field goes for touchdown. That's the second. I knew that calum Murray was one of the best college players will d best that I've ever seen that'd be a good time to put it in the clip right now.

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