COVID-19: New Jersey to Extend Benefits to Unemployed Workers


Claims to rise in New Jersey A Y W was John McDevitt takes a look at the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, says unemployment claims grew 25% from last week. In addition, it says the number of workers seeking jobless benefits tops 1.6 million since covert 19 force many businesses too close back in March. In a statement, the Labor Commissioner Robert Acero, Angelo says New Jersey workers continue to struggle with the weight of unemployment and underemployment and the accompanying financial worries of not having a job, he adds. The Labor Department staff knows the difficulties customers are facing, so they work hard every day to resolve as many cases and answer as many questions as possible. $15.6 billion has been distributed in federal and state unemployment benefits to workers that includes to those who lost their jobs were furloughed or had their hours cut in the pandemic, including $286 million for the week ending September 19th or information on unemployment programs

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