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Against Seattle. That's your three o'clock our gang tomorrow At four o'clock, the president will make his announcement on a Supreme Court nominee. We're joined by San Antonio first news National correspondent bills in for Bill, the president says, quote I'm getting very close to having a final decision made very Close. Uh, who's on the list? And how long is that? Is that list any longer than two people? Yeah, the president says he has five people on here, Charlie. But we've really only heard two names that have been mentioned prominently that being Amy Cockney Barrett, who continues to be the solid favorite for this opening on the Supreme Court, and Barbara Llego other Floridian who is ah descendant of Cuban Americans, Cuban exiles and is currently in a federal court in Atlanta, the others that have been mentioned In the in the five that the president has talked about our Kate Todd, who was White House counsel. Also Alison Jones rushing federal judge in North Carolina. Only 38 years old, and that Joan Larsen, who is a federal appeals court judge in Michigan, but the top two Ah, Cockney, Barrett and Lagoa seemed to be the ones who have the best shot help Those too. I think that county Barrett is probably the choice here. She has already met at least twice with the president in the last week. And, of course, was a final. It's the last time around. When Brett Kavanaugh eventually got the nomination, you mentioned five. They're all women. That's correct, The president said early on that this was going to be a woman that he would replace Aah Ruth Bader Ginsburg with and that in itself, Charlie has has raised some hackles. Sure, because you know, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been someone who has been a champion of women's rights and the fact that he could replace her. With a woman who of who may have more conservative views on things like abortion and same sex marriage really rubbed some people the wrong way, I think in In addition of that, just the fact that we're looking at a woman right? That's got some peoples. Tails kind of ruffle because that would be, you know, being a champion for women's rights, says RBG. Wass. I don't think that you know, it sits well with her philosophy of just put a woman in because a woman's gone Yeah, That's right. In fact, you look at the list the last time that we had an opening with Brett Cabin, all getting the nomination. One of the people who was on that list and one of the people who, if you would have opened it up to men and women. Ah would be a prime candidate as a mule to par, who is from Kentucky? Mitch McConnell's home state who might be the most qualified of all of them. So you're right. Just the fact that you have limited this to a woman. Ah does does get to some people. So we get the nominee tomorrow. Can we? Is it possible to get confirmation before the election? What's the next steps? Well, what happens now is that the process begins of vetting this nominee and that person will be question will have to submit Ah, answers to a questionnaire. The FBI gets involved. Individual senators like to have conversations with this person just to get AH, better idea of who they are and how they're how they stand on certain issues. Ah, and then you move on to the hearing stage. Now, Mitch McConnell has already laid out a tentative schedule that would have a final confirmation vote coming at the end of October. Lindsey Graham, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, would like to begin hearings on October 12th wrap them up in the week of October, 19th. And send a recommendation to the full Senate. Now that's ideal. Okay, what happened before the election, However, Democrats also plotting Charlie on ways they can stretch this out? They know they can't block it. They don't have the votes to do that. But they're looking for ways they can delay as long as possible. Appreciate the update. SAN Antonio First news National correspondent bills infer again, The president will announce the nominees tomorrow afternoon at four o'clock coming up next a Prue happy ending for Patriots owner Robert Kraft. This is the month to get

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