At the Deerfield Correctional Center in South Hampton County.



Voter fraud and Virginia prison officials are reporting an 11th corona virus related death at a facility that is home to many geriatric and otherwise vulnerable prisoners. There are also 300 sir 67 current cases at the Deerfield Correctional Center in South Hampton County. You're next news 7 30 News on demand News, Radio w. R va dot com I'm Gary hasn't Richmond's news, weather and traffic Station News Radio W. R Va. Hey, thank you very much appreciated, Gary, It is 705 here on this Friday morning, 25th Day of September, 2020. And I'm John Reed. Really glad you were with us here on news radio. W R via got some interesting folks. We're going to talk to us as the program proceeds this morning. Got a phone call. And you know, I look at the phone sometimes, especially the afternoon when I'm tired early evening and I go Oh, my God, it was this. It's a Washington D C number. Should I pick it up? Are they calling to tell me that I'm going to jail or was what? Who is this turned out to be Betsy DeVos his office yesterday. The Secretary of Education in D. C. She's coming to Richmond today. Because it's historically black colleges and universities weak and she'll be talking about some of the efforts to support HBC use here in Virginia, so she'll be with us.

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