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Good morning and welcome back to morning messages. Thanks so much for joining me. I Am Care Bradley bringing you these really quick hits. These a little snippets from pockets of my mind my heart little things I've learned along the way and things I've read and and just a conversation about. About a winning, this is really about awakening and one of the things I've learned the most over these long decades of my life is that. Self love. Loving kindness. Being kind to yourself is the nectar is really the It's the medicine. That I needed. To really push forward into my personal transformation, but it also works for everybody else. It's not something I made up for sure something I have learned along the way as I continue to dive deep into my own mind body. And Soul. And today I wanNA bring you a another angle at this kindness path on this kindness path and that is. Your love object. Oh Boy, this is a fun one. I have been talking the last couple of days about being this hard ass Brooklyn girl. Hard as only grow between two brothers heart s having to be hard as entrepreneur unfortunately in running businesses especially, my yoga studio you would think a yoga studio of all things. You know you can just be all light in open and airy but no way. Having rent pay payroll to pay classes to run. I, I had a lockdown I didn't want to but I did and it really. it built up a Lotta thick. Skin. which was not good. Really not good in the end So it took me years to soften. This one in particular. This little trick I'm GonNa teach you today was a Biggie in my life and I learned this from my Meditation Teachers Scott Nancy McBride From Clear Lake Meditation. You can google them, they are amazing and they do a ton online. Okay this one is about having a love object. Help when Scott I taught it to me I was I rolled my eyes. I was like, no freak away. Can't go there Scott. Sorry. I am not that sappy. So the love object is. Someone or something in. Your. Life. That is one a pet. To. A child or baby but I'm talking childlike toddler child. Right we? WanNa think about one of the cutest things in our lives and it could be past or present. A cutie. Cutie, that makes our voice change we speak to it. Right for me, I use my dog joey. Rest his little heart. Shall we when I spoke to Joey I talk differently, my voice raised my voice got kinda sweet and syrupy. I was so kind and gentle to Joe Right. I'm even changing my voice as I speak to about him. Joe Come over here. Silly boy what do you want from me? Come on silly. And I would talk to Joey with this light syrupy voice. with, this kindness and gentleness. And I also talked to my babies that way before they could speak back to me. This is what our love object is when we can think about how we spoke and how we speak to our love objects and I love the name because it's so damn sappy. And we turn that towards ourself. Oh. Okay now here's the trick for me anyway. Give. Yourself a nickname or use the nickname you had when you were a child for me it was Mimi. So. Shedding, the dark the dark armor. An offering myself more self love. Loving kindness. With by by by talking to myself as if I am a love object which I am. Mimi come on Mimi. So, when I do something stupid and I thought my phone come on Mimi wake up hit tension Mimi. Or? Say. Something I don't mean Oh. Gosh me. It's okay. Next time be more attentive and pause before you talk. Right when I when I eat something I, know I shouldn't have eaten or eight too much your drink too much or whatever too much or do this or didn't work out or Blah Blah Blah la La la. It's que me me. Let's just give it a try better try next time. So it goes along with their their sweetheart with hand on heart you can put them all together and boom. You're GONNA have a huge loving kindness practice. Or just try one of these at a time. Go slow.

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