Full Auto Friday - Round 15

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Of. Worship. Making danger. Close. Now. Boom boom boom here we go. Full Auto Friday number V teen I'M GONNA START WITH I can't believe actually been at this. For, fifteen weeks which what does that break into? Almost four months remember the first one like it was four months ago. Today I got four questions laid out and then I'm GonNa Finish with a little bit more pulling from twitter. But what I did is I scrolled all the way to the bottom. So, I could answer the unanswered portion from last week. So we don't have to solicit for questions again because I feel like if I do that and the questions didn't get answered, he'll be the same question over and over and over again. Before I start today's full auto Friday. I. Feel compelled for personal reasons nothing beyond personal reasons. To address some of the commentary. posted. On both the. Social Post and youtube that I got from the this week. Monday's episode one, forty, one with Angel Cortes. talked a little bit about my. Current relationship with my oldest son in a few people took time to reach out. And let me know that I. Deserved. What's going on with my son because? I had abandoned him and I wanted to. Get. My thoughts in order. So, what I did is I actually wrote a letter to those individuals who took the time to give me their thoughts on the fact that I deserve. The relationship I currently have my son. So here is what I was able to ride out I'M NOT GONNA lie a little bit frustrated when I started reading those comments. Dear. podcast listeners slash viewers. Who took the time? To. Provide your thoughts. On whether or not I deserve what is happening with my son? Go Fuck Yourself. And that's it. That's the end of the letter. That's as far as I've gotten and I don't think I'm going to get any farther because. That is how I feel. I do the best that I can. To take the negative with the positive when it comes to any feedback, I don't think that people should way positive more than negative. oftentimes, I see people wing negative far more than paused of ninety nine positive comments. One negative hinder the reaction hinges on that but I tell you what I you know. There's certain things that get underneath my skin and perhaps. Perhaps this is one of them for me maybe this deficiency in my own character, but I am often blown away by people's. Arrogance. And ignorance when it comes to what they will say on the Internet. I've been very very cautious when it comes to my divorce to say nothing specific and only talk about things directly related to something that I have done I will not talk. About it unless the other party is here to have their opportunity to speak about US been very cautious. and. With the amount of information that I have given out, there is no way that anybody anywhere knows enough about the situation that I'm in. With a health were unhealthiness of the previous relationship that I have gotten out of or the decisions that I've made the things that led up to me making the decision to leave. To make that type of commentary. So if you're one of those people. I, I don't know what to say other than I. Hope You go to the Dick Buffet and get a big old serving and eat ethos because. You're an asshole. You're arrogant and yacht to be cautious with what you say to people I'm very cautious with the words that I use even though the Diet Dialog and commentary that I am having when it comes to these podcast specifically's followed Friday's is one way. Words, they actually mattered people they have real world impact. The things that you say they matter I wish more people would take the time to consider those things and for those who can't. Get a second serving the Dick Buffet and that's all I got on that. Let's move on. Let us begin full out of Friday. Question Number One comes from James. Hi Andy You have inspired me to start my Jujitsu journey after procrastinating for years I. Wish I had started sooner in parentheses forty two. I know exactly how you feel because I started when I was. Forty. So you're only two years behind me. I am a couple of months into Jujitsu and I was wondering as a blue belt what tips and advice do you have for surviving and progressing through white built either on or off the Mat. Who? I say this one I talk about Jujitsu? I am not an expert I have been at this for maybe a month over two years a blue belt, which is in the grand scheme of things in for Jiu jitsu practitioners that probably laughing right now or they will be shortly I'm sure. But in the in the hierarchy of the belting system, it's it's one past white. So what I'm trying to say is I'm a rank amateur and novice at best. So I'm probably not the best person to give you advice on this. So my first portion of the answer would be James is perhaps find somebody at your gym where you train who is a little bit higher up the tree. Who can give you better advice for longevity because you know they say on average is ten years to get a black belt. I think that depends largely on attendance in the person in their consistency but talk to somebody who's a brown or black belt or a purple belt they've probably been for four, six, eight, ten years.

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