CDL Playoffs


Let's talk some CDL playoffs if you would indulge me. Because we now know officially the two worst teams in the League and the two teams going home with nothing you you collect your paychecks, but you get nothing you are the only people in the company not getting Christmas bonus. So congratulations to Seattle and La gladiators. Yeah I mean for for for both of. The two hundred K. minimum they you just. Lost in one series essentially right because even if the other to flake out next round, which could very likely happen. Just lost one hundred K now, the only person that's happy about this whole situation. Is Aches kids he he saved himself a little bit of time. He got a free weekend in if anything. He he out a couple of weeks prior. In our preview show and I posted up my bets. Earlier, today for those who follow on twitter I posted my betting odds and who I took. For today and tomorrow's matches because that was already up there I. Honestly I took. Seattle to cover the spread, which was just a plus one and a half meaning they only had to win. Just, take it to a map five which given the fact that I thought they were going to win. And I don't know why looking back on it. I'm dumb like what have we learned in CDL very rarely do we get surprised right? Very rarely? Are we shocked by outcomes with the CDL this year? That's not a bad thing. But Damn Seattle. They threw it in. I said Seattle might be one of the sleeper teams that could make. Losers out of the two teams that we thought were going to lose which were La. GLADIATORS LAG and. Which is super funny. Given their Elliott. Yup and and Seattle. Said gladiators. That's their overwatch. Watch won't be the last time. I've probably made that mistake a thousand times on the show and you never caught it so. They're purple there. You know you know how it goes For making that clear that's that's really on them. That's not my issue. La was going to be the team I. Thought guerrillas had more of a reason to throw it in just because aches did just recently bail on them pretty much publicly announcing like, yeah we don't stand a chance. So I thought that was the team was going to take it back to the locker room and be like guys. We really don't stand a chance, but they actually performed very well against a optic team that everyone is picking to be the sleeper team. The could've got three hundred though Kenny disconnected in both of those losses you know so For them, that was just a terrible situation that we're past. The point of you know the restart being possible according to the rules which nobody seems to agree with in even myself like both of those cases, it very easily could have been replayed. The score was close enough at the time in some cases even got closer than forty five situation especially on the hard point map where I think optic took the lead for a brief moment there but guerrillas got both of the winds on the backs of of Kenny getting disconnected. So yet theoretically did go to a game five but. I look at that series as it was fairly one sided in my mind. There were moments where guerrillas I thought looked really good but again, it's just so hard to judge either of their wins in both came in forty-five situation. Now, I didn't touch that when it came to betting I'm I'm an odds better image and really the odds weren't that great on either one like I hadn't had little faith in gorillas and it just wasn't worth the risk of losing it but I wanNA talk a little bit about the Kenny situation. So obviously, he had a sub in for game five. Because he he just wasn't confident enough in his Internet connection to survive. Again, because you said, he ended up dropping was it the first to? Map One and map four four. Okay. Anyway. He ended up dropping out of two lagging after I kind of put this on the League's on the League. In the sense of it is twenty twenty you gotTa have a separate client for your pro league for situations like this right and it's kind of the beauty with counterstrike in the sense of like it's very open source in the sense of any tournament organizers say the and it's happened before right? Some connection drop something happens and they need to reset will they kind of just take it to the next the most previous round and they can punch in there okay. What was the economy at whose economy was what? Okay you had this gun aright Pablo Bob Bam. Bam. It's now thirteen to eleven again, restart. I don't understand how the only solution we have four league. And I constantly bring this up because it does set the standard that costs at least like what twenty five Mil to get in the only solution you have to where if someone lags out in a game that's online right and you're in your servers are all over the place is well play ball right it is you play where the ball wise and I just I don't really it's almost like there was I mean obviously there's not a plan B but it's like they never even thought of what do we do right? Yeah like the developers the first to blame in this situation for night giving that ability right like the choose not to they noticed a yearly game maybe it's just extra work whatever. But then the CDL is is just as equally to blame because they need to also understand that those things are not possible. So we need to have rules in place that everybody feels at least most people agree to as being fair you know there are already rules in place prior to the CDL being there in both of those maps would have been replayed in either of those instances but the rule said that the CD Ellis has laid out. Didn't allow that to happen. So you're sitting there watching a four be five. Talk about a newsletter at that point like, yeah you might be rooting for the team with four, but it's so unlikely that it that it happens that it's you know. Throw players. Professionals this isn't some pug that you're playing in. Right. This is these are these are pros. They're not losing a four on five not going to happen.

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