How to Use Crystals & EOs Together


I'm here with Haley Crowley who's the founder of whimsy and wellness? Haley. Believes in making wellness, simple, lighthearted and fun four years ago. She began making these really beautiful essential oil labels as a way to distract yourself from wondering when she would get pregnant again, armed with a silhouette cameo machine and a roll of vinyl. Haley sold the first whimsey and wellness products out of a tiny oetzi shop since. then. She's grown into a full family business with three kiddos running circles around her desk. Haley, on a mission to help people use crystals and essential oils in their every day life and make it fun in the process. Haley. Welcome to the show or so glad you're here. Thank you so much for having me I. Love Envisioning Your Kids just certainly on your on your desk because I have to myself. Just today we were packing up, you know mailers, sit out and just chilling out, help me stuff envelopes and it's fun to have a family business and it's also very chaotic. So I imagine you use some oils now and then to keep it calm. Yeah that's exactly right I. mean they're helping with like air quotes helping it really. Twenty Times longer but it's good they feel so important. Yes. Well. You said that you started making your beautiful pretty labels to distract yourself from wondering when you wouldn't get pregnant again is that part of your story tell me more about that yeah. So I started using oils actually as a way to like sent Christmas gifts like the that I was making I wanted to find a natural way to sent them, and so that's what started. Me With oils and then fast forward a couple of years. It was after our second miscarriage and I was like, I need something to do. I was in between jobs at the time and so I was like I'm GonNa. Just start this little at seaside thing to give me something to do and maybe bring a little bit of income like on the side for our family. And after a couple of months because we were one of the first essential accessory shops, it just took off and it just kept growing and growing and I kept working and it kept growing was that that was in two, thousand sixteen. So. Been Four Years Yeah and my husband now works fulltime with me and it's just getting more than I ever imagined. That's awesome. Well, this is not the topic of our interview today I want to get to crystals and oils soon, but I couldn't help it just pick up on the fact that you were using your side hustle a little bit as a therapy. You know let me need to distract myself I need to do something I just relate to that so much when I became a mom I really struggled with postpartum depression and doesn't that transition into parenthood was like a huge shock for me and along can of worms and long story we won't. Get into. But when I started, it was partly the reason besides from just sheer financial need that I started my business and it made me feel so much better. It made me feel like I'm pouring myself into something. It's mine. It's an outlet gifts. Me Gets me talking to other people it just really saved me away. So just related to that that aspect for she absolutely, and just what you said, I talk about that too like I felt like Lynsey wellness gave me purpose kind of like what you said like it gives me purpose and at the time I didn't think I was GONNA. Feel that until you know I, had a baby or babies but. With us it's crazy. It's almost the opposite, but it says such similar feelings. It's really interesting. It's funny. How per I? Mean we I think we are capable of having multiple purposes in one lifetime and even. More than one at the same time and sometimes that's what I need. I need more than one thing happening or I go crazy. So. Yes. Well, how did you start using crystals and essential oils together? Yes. So after I had seen wellness, we started with bottles and labels and. I was looking at product. I don't know what I was looking at but somehow I stumbled across these premade perfume blends and I saw on them. They had the roller top instead of it being like glass or stainless steel. It was made out of a gemstone a crystal and I was like, that's so cool like I want that for my customers who I know don't want to buy the perfume, they put their own oils in it. So I searched and searched and searched for so long five or six months to find a supplier. For these to offer them and it was so hard to find one without a little hole in it because all the stones at that size were spacey right and so I finally found a supplier and was hand making those on my couch watching TV at nighttime and everybody loved them. So I went to Tucson is the world's largest gem and mineral show that they hold once a year. I went there in search of a supplier that could make these for me because I couldn't do it myself anymore. And I didn't find that. But instead, I saw these giant piles of tiny crystals. And I was like those would fit inside of a roller bottle right and I had seen other people do that again in their own blends house like I wonder if people would like that as an option to and so I had no idea if people were actually going to like it but I was like well, I have to get something while I'm here I came all the way here. So I bought them and carried them in my carry on backpack and got stopped at security. But I think they're used to it because the gem show, but it was just so funny I'm like anyway. When? Oil Convention you know all TSA agents are like Oh yeah. There must be another oil convention that's. Smelt. Exactly yeah. They're used to it with the crystal show and so anyway fast forward to now everybody really loved that and just along the way I started of course learning more and more about crystals and just kind of doing my own research I feel like when I started this, there wasn't a ton of research like information out there about using oils and crystals together. So I felt like I just kind of research from a Bunch of different places in kind of put together my own I own research, my

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