One Strange NBA Lottery, and What We Learned and Laughed About

The Free Agents


Let's start with a little draft lottery reacts from your draft, lottery experts no dogs no. Timber Wolves won the number one pick in the twenty twenty NBA draft last night after winning the League's annual draft lottery many entered the night with a fourteen percent chance of moving up to number one the same odds as the warriors and the cavs for best in the League. Best chance at that. So here's the full lottery breakdown for you guys at Number One, the wolves to warriors three Hornets four, bulls trae. Hawk six. Seven Pistons Eight Knicks Hilarious. Nine. Wizards. Ten Sons, Eleven Spurs twelve kings thirteen Pelicans and the fourteenth pick in the lorry goes to the Celtics by way of the Grizzlies. So the big winners yeah. Besides the wolves were those two teams that made significant jumps, you had MJ's Hornets moving up to eighth and trays bowls moving up from the seventh position. All the way up to number four congratulations to you is that a win in your books you'll love to see it. Somehow the Bulls aren't drafting seven I don't even remember what that's like what a summer for the Bulls Boylan, his gone second place in horse and now the fourth. Everything's turning up for Chicago I'm. Thrilled

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