Jim Cramer & Rob Maurer Discuss TSLA Stock


Everybody around here today, we have a special guests on the program Jim Cramer. Needs no introduction Jim thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to join us today and talk a little bit about desolate. I think Tesla's the most important stock in the market because it's created a tremendous amount fascination which you know why like it's been hard to find people who understand Tesla like you like you do in other words when I say that mean people understand Tesla, the car tesla the Stock Tesla, the myth test, the reality, which is why it's so exciting to speak with you because frankly anything Tesla I regard as the most exciting thing that's happening in the market and I'm with the guy. I definitely agree. So I'd love to get your thoughts because I think you're you're thinking on Tesla has evolved quite a bit over the last couple of years I know a few years back to your more mixon. You've called it a cult stock gotten into some interaction with Ilan on twitter over the last I think probably eighteen to twelve months. You've you've definitely become a lot more bullish, which was great. Timing has the stock has reflected that as well. So I just love to hear sort of the evolution of thought process on tussle over the last couple of years. Great. Okay. When he came out I thought it was too hot. And I. I said people should sell it now I know that I had subsequent met. You must get a dinner party. And he belittled me he. Space said that if tried question, his analysis of the wall have giant solar field in Colorado we're all other energy's GonNa be provided from five years announcement five years I've seen it yet. He did pronounced me as a hologram basically. Didn't even exist. I thought it was one of the greatest put downs ever except I wish it weren't addressed. Thank. Eh former. Mathematicians Twenty, seven percent. But here's what's happened to me. I looked at his a stock. I didn't look at it. And I think that what happened is basically a a religious could it was a religious? Conversion. I went out to California my daughter had just driven. From Oregon she was living to Los Angeles. And she talked about charging talks about it was about the flatulence button instead you know data been driving. For twelve years. I never cared what a job. It's never been important. She had a beat up two, thousand, eight A. Ford fiesta she'd been driving she wasn't a corporate, but Tesla made her into Cooper's. So then I went out to sea venture mine one executive is so come bally's a company and another former CFO and they had all tesla's. and. My wife who is a complete corpus I mean a nut car person just loves it her favorite everything's ninety, four range over that. She has she said this is it a she drove it and she said this is it. Now we have not bought one yet because she's we're going. To be able to say listen Jim, you should buy because you live in some new. Jersey accuses go around car but when I was driving with the person who was retired was the CFO as you know what my daughter loves it, my wife loves it. It's so cool but they don't have the financials did naked so that I can recommend it to sixty. And he looked at me turn Amigos. GM naked race two billion dollars. Like. Religious, conversion. The conversion was right there because I knew rob. At, the balance sheet was not questioned. Admin. Panel table ever since we caught a lot of points I, continue to recommend it. I should have realized along the way that when Jay Leno told me Jim. Is the greatest car coming around one fifty. I should've just changed my mind but I hadn't been in the car rob other than. My friend, kwame picked me up to a little bit. And when you have a person who's never driven a car saying, this is like the greatest thing ever doesn't think of as a car and then you have the coordinate nut Lisa who says, this is the greatest thing ever and you have a CFO's very rigorous who said look they can raise the money I said, what am I doing? Why am I fighting the truth? Why am I fighting progress? So rob I surrendered and the best qualified made this year.

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