Planning for Students in the 9th, 10th, and 11th-Grade


Wanted to talk about academic planning for students in the ninth tenth and Eleventh Grade Year, and the reason why it's important is because if your college bound high school student, what you do in your preparation as will set you up well for the application application phase. So a lot of times. You know when I meet seniors sometimes, they didn't do what they needed to do in the ninth tenth or eleventh. Grade Year and it doesn't sit them up very welfare success. But if you're the parent or you know your ninth tenth or eleventh grader, you've got some time on your side to be very intentional about academic planning. So to talk about rocks and the principle of rocks big rocks. And a lot of times students don't know what to plan for. When, it comes to planning out there year. So we're GonNa talk about seven things that every college bound high school students should really focus on using the principle of the rock. So it's GonNa make a little clinking noise. Okay. So the first thing that you WanNa do is really focused on your academic profile and the reason why we talk we start with big rocks I wanted have those high priorities must have in our bucket in our because we have limited time. Limited capacity, and so it's important to focus on big priorities and then fill in some of the other things things you can do in your your free time not that they're not important, but it's really important to get those big things and I. So the First Big Rock is your academic profile and when I talk about your academic profile, we're looking at your high school transcript. So at this stage in the game before we start a new school year, go back. And look at classes from the prior year to your ninth grade year and you WanNa make sure you have what I call the core five, you WanNa have your math, English science history and Foreign Language depending upon with your knife going into ten. You're probably only going to have one year of Afar language but you want to end your four year journey with at least two years of the same far language. Okay. Sometimes, students don't know what they want to major in. And so I say it's better to have more math and expected more English. Because you you may think you're GONNA do one thing and end up doing something else. So here's the other thing I want to say about academic planning in your coursework. There are graduation requirements, and then there are college entrance requirements and sometimes they're not the same thing. So sometimes, your high school only may require three years of math or three years of English or no foreign language. That's fine. All you're focusing on is getting out of high school. But if you're here, it's because you're interested in getting into college and securing scholarships to pay for it. So you WANNA have a very robust the most rigorous. Academic profile networks well for you and kind of where you're going. So I just tell students just go ahead and plan for four years of English for years of math. Three. At least three, maybe four years of history including economics. Usually they are a happy year depends on your school and civic. So you know that. And then a three. At, least maybe four years definitely going into a stem field of science science with the lab sciences. So like biology lab, chemistry, lab, Physics Lab, and sometimes students start off maybe their first year with the general science or if they right into Or maybe a physical science. But if they start right off with biology chemistry physics and the on the back in the fourth year, they may do in Earth's. Environmental science or maybe anatomy astronomy something like that. But you know I would say definitely get those three in and and shoot for four, and then you want at least two years of the same aren language like French. Wine in French to or Spanish one Spanish two I. DO I say this? Sometimes students will do Silang they'll do asl as far language. So your high school may recognize it as a foreign language in terms of graduation requirements, but the college may not accept it as a foreign language for an entrance requirements I just want you to be aware that. So. In that case, I always tell students who are interested in learning sign language in they're studying asl just slot that in Jer- elective. Okay. So we've got our core five and then are typically two electives and those who may be p. e. your driver's Ed or you know whatever whenever you enjoy doing band chorus whatever. So that's that then also when it comes to academic planning. You want to take a look at your GPA don't neglect your grade point average. So where are you right now? What's your benchmark? What's your goal? So where are you starting? You know where did you finish at the end of last semester and where do you WanNa go so begin to think about your Your academic, your grade point average, and then if you're able to find out your class rank, some schools rank some schools don't. But if you're able to find that your class rank, talk your guidance counselor or maybe log in and were high school transcript is and know what your class rank it. So go ahead and record all that now. So you know where you are starting all right now our second rock in stomach to look clunky clink noise. Entrance. Exams or entrance testing, and that would be your sat in your act. Now, this year is a little bit wonky slow messy with Kobe right? Just Kinda is what is so normally we have you know where it's very prescribing you're able to stay on track and kind of plan it all out and it's been wonderful. This year is just not kind of you know just messy. But let's say if you're so ninth grade, you don't have to worry about it too much tenth grade in the fall you'll be taking depending on your school, maybe the pricing or the psat the eleventh grade year when you take the PSAT in October, that's when it counts. Accounts for the. National. Merit Scholarship Program Okay So you want to begin to think about that plan for that no at that date is get it on your calendar. So right now, as you're thinking through these seven big Roxie seven things, I want you to write them down. So write down your current grade point average right down those dates for your upcoming test and then for students in the eleventh grade I want you to look. Ahead to spring test states and began to map them out now it. It is a little bit tricky. It's a little bit different this year because of cove in. So you know a lot of places are asking students to consider it to allow students in the class of twenty

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