Indoor Dining Returning to Philadelphia Sept. 8, City Says-With Limitations


Been five months since Philadelphia ordered restaurants closed because of Corona virus. Now reopening date has been set for indoor dining in this city. It does come with a lot of asterisks, our city Hall bureau chief. Whatever these pat lobe is live with the update pen. That's right. Indoor dining can return to Philadelphia, September 8th the day after Labor Day so they don't get overrun by holiday travelers and Merrymakers. But as you say it won't be back to normal By any stretch. The reopening comes with a slew of rules. Restaurants can operate on ly a 25% capacity with tables, 6 FT apart, and parties of no more than four people and the city will be sending inspectors around. There are limits, of course to their enforcement capabilities. A thousands of restaurants could take them up on this. But Mayor Kenny made an impassioned plea with the restaurants to follow the rules. The rules, he says, got us this far. And in fact, this is a sign of improvement in Philadelphia's cove. In 19 situation, the number of cases is trending down again. On one significant statistic. The percentage of tests coming back positive is down to 3%. And S O with that in mind, officials gave the go ahead to indoor dining and also indoor theaters, whether their movie theaters or concert venues, But they will be restricted to 25 people, regardless of their size. Whether it's a small club or Ah Big Stadium no more than 25 people

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