Lane Kiffin wants NCAA to allow Big Ten, Pac-12 players to transfer after canceled seasons


Lane Kiffin, our old friend Lane Kiffin Oh last last story for here on what you need to know before we get to cow Kouzmin his comments today in the media scrum. He says the Big Ted in the PAC twelve players since they're not gonNA play should be allowed to transfer. I won't. Lane. kiffin thinks that L Z GRANDERSON Sorry response. But what do we expect from him? Right? He's an overgrown child and he says childish things and sometimes they're funny sometimes it's. Downright hilarious actually, but you shouldn't be trolling conferences trying to protect children. because. These are still young man. These are still kids. This isn't a pros, the one, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty, one, year, old. I have a twenty three year old in the house right now and let me tell you. He's not a grown as man yet. So I appreciate having a having a, you know a wicked sense of humor but this isn't something you WanNa troll about this is something that we all need to be taken seriously and not just people play

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