Gov. Inslee says Trump is trying to sabotage mail-in voting


Jay Inslee is calling President Trump stance against extra election funding for the U. S Postal Service and attempt to sabotage the election more from comas. Corwin take Washington's governor and his Democratic administration have vocally opposed the president before, but inside, he is now deploying some of his harshest criticism ever. Over the issue of funding the post office and that's unfortunately the president states. Who is trying to sabotage meal and voting. He's referring to the interview in which Trump said nationwide vote by mail would lead to voter fraud. We want people to vote, so when they vote, it means one vote. It doesn't mean balance all over the place in Italy describes Washington's 10 year plus vote by mail policy as a bipartisan success. Republicans and Democrats have enjoyed this for years now. With essentially no problems. But Washington, Assistant Secretary of State Mark Neary tells KOMO news for states with limited vote by mail experience. Making the transition by November is a tall order. I think it's a lot of work. I mean, we've been perfecting the process over the last eight or nine years, All states allow at least some voting by mail. Supporters say the pandemic requires a national shift toward mail in voting.

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