Washington, DC Coronavirus Update: 1 New Death, 65 Additional Cases


776 new cases, eight new death, there have been more than 98,000 positive cases reported in Maryland. And word of an uptick of more than 1000 new cases in Virginia, 1114 to be exact and 11 do death. Covert positive cases in Virginia now total more than 103,000. Latest numbers illustrating a downward tick, as we say locally in Maryland and Virginia, But it is a small downward ticket experts say. We're not out of the woods. Not at all. They continue tracking new cases, hospitalizations in the all important positivity rate, looking at of all the people getting tested. How many of them turn out the house, Kobe Joshua Sharfstein with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, says the number COMPTEL us whether enough testing is being done and whether there's community transmission. The latest seven day average positivity rate in the district is 3.3%. DC is meeting the standard for having enough testing because it's less than 5% and if it's relatively stable at that number, then you're still seeing continued community spread. The picture is similar in Maryland, which sits a 3.63% Virginia's at 7.2% which means it could perhaps use more testing and also still has a fair amount of between new transmission. John Aaron w T. O P News and we're the kids in the Corona virus del mix some silvery new stats this morning from CBS News correspondent Vicki Barker on the

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