Pompeo: Chinese threat may be worse than a 'Cold War 2.0'


US Secretary of state might compare has bill named middle of Oprah this week you warning that the threat from China good welby worse than that posed by the Soviet Union at the height of the cold. War Mr Pompeo's visits is taking in the Czech Republic Austria, Poland, and Slovenia. This is what he said yesterday. The contrast between free and unfree society has never been clear. Free nations must work together to confront authoritarian threats. Chief among those threats is the Chinese Communist Party and its drive to control people and information at our economies. When a Balkans correspondent guided Loni has been following his journey. Welcome back to the program guy good to have you with us. I wipe out the with Slovenia with no disrespect obviously to the nation itself. I think far enough I mean it's only two million people live here. So it's not exactly huge, but it is a NATO member and there is a family connection of course, Emma and Mr. Pompeo made that point in his opening remarks saying that he brought greetings for Melania trump who is noticeably absent from her homeland. She was born in San Nitsa as Melania canals and she doesn't come back here very often. But Mr Pompey's said she was very envious about him visiting nurse Levin in particular Lake bled where he was doing his news conference but. The rather factors as well. So Slovenia is at at the moment and this is I wouldn't say was out of character, but it's just a matter of where how the political winds blowing here at the moment at the moment in the Prime Minister's office you've got somebody who thinks Mr trump is rather smashing fallow where prime, minister. Yannis Yansha uses twitter almost as enthusiastically as MR trump and spends quite a lot of that time. Enthusiastically, retweeting Mr Trump's tweets. So if you're going to have a friendly audience in Europe at the moment of your representative of the trump administration then Slovenia's an office place to stop off so more than simply passing on greetings from floaters and enjoying a slap up lunch at Lake bled we've just heard there a clip from Secretary of State Pompeo. Making China the real focus of his visit. He really did, and you only speak for about three or four minutes yesterday bend and I think at least two and a half of those minutes were spent really having a good old dig on against China before that. He was speaking about well, he was actually signing a declaration with the Foreign Minister of Slovenia about five G. Security, and this is all part of pushing what the trump administration calls. They're clean network program, and this is an attack on Chinese. Telecom. Companies Chinese tech companies hallway in particular Zeti threatening for the Balkan they've both been very high profile targets of the trump administration and leave you signing up to this five of this clean network program. You'll basically making a commitment, you'll knocking to use any untrustworthy. Vendors in your five G. Systems and the United States is saying it wouldn't have any of these vendors anywhere near any of its embassies went allowed anywhere near any of this State Department. Systems. A lot of come countries, of course are not signing up to this, but Slovenia has and it's got its five G. Network installed by. As of last month, take that way well has replied China Chinese commentators of wounded central and eastern Europe shouldn't be fooled. What would describes Mike pompeo embracing an entirely entirely cold war mindset it is. It is a dangerous thing. Isn't it when you start going into the likes of the Czech, Republic and Poland and Slovenia, and START TALKING ABOUT IDEOLOGICAL THREATS Yes I'm you know he really has gone the full evil empire on? Am You when you talk about Cold War rhetoric either way that he's he's talking really as I mean, as you heard in the clip there, it sounds like something from the nineteen eighties a talks again chief among these threats as the. Chinese. Communist. Party. It's drive to control people and. Information and our economies, and it's it's again talking about freedom loving people and becoming a five G. Clean country as Slovenia has done today as solidifies staff position. In this fight, the tide is turning against the Chinese Communist Party in its efforts to restrict freedom for all of us and I think what's interesting guys of course he's not saying China he's specifically saying. The Chinese Communist, party so he's criticizing the the system of government and control rather than country and the people itself, and that's I suppose the GATT out card But this is the way that the trump administration is going I recommend everyone to have a a good read of the clean network program just to see what they're saying in that and. Quite apart from anything else it does make it clear and not that it's part of the trump administration's drive and it's very interesting phrasing not the United States, not the State Department but the trump administration. So a spot of electioneering perhaps

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