MTA offers reward for info leading to arrest of New York subway vandal


Subway car windows is costing the transit system money It doesn't have. W. Stevenson says the empty is offering a reward to stop the vandalism before it gets worse. Each window on a recent seven train looks like a baseball landed right in the middle with a unique spiderweb of cracks, fanning out the M T. A is offering more than $12,000 for information about who is doing this. It's a small sum compared to the cost of the damage. The empty says There have been 70 incidents of smashed windows since May. It's cost $300,000 to repair an NYPD inspector Jason Savino is in charge of the investigation and is asking the public to film and the Vandals put on your little detective Shields. And if you see something, say something, certainly make us aware of it. The police have video of one suspect. But if not made any arrests.

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