CoronaHoax Tyrants Roll Out New Lockdown Schemes, Real Men MUST Answer Come & Make Us! - burst 4


I WANNA play this digital media file forty, four Mr Hall comes on because this has everything to do what we're about to talk about Matt's this. I just gave you the results from the realclearpolitics poll. Of Catholics where by count of fifty three percent of forty one percent that means that trump. President trump is lost sixteen points. From. Catholics. Year or Four years ago? Again, exit polls said he beat Hillary Fifty, seven, forty, three Catholic vote. Man That's really the only indication we that we can go on the exit polls. It's not an exact science. If now, it's fifty, three, forty, one. Biden That means he's lost sixteen percent that fifty seven. So what does that twenty percent twenty five percents a quarter Of the Catholic vote. How. Is that possible? If There's not priestly and bishop. Agitation. Against the president. And for the apostate. And he is an apostate. Jaws Avar Biden. One Guy has had enough of all this is actor Jim Caviezel. minner charge plays you're three days late. Well. Actually could feazel made several different appearances in this one. Hey, really. Tells you what he thinks about all the lukewarm nene's out there that are running to show this day and how this has got to stop listen.

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