Trump gets ready to make his


For the next 10 years. In Washington. John Decker Fox News For the sixth time this year, a federal prisoners been executed. William Lacroix got a lethal injection last night, 19 years after murdering a Georgian nurse, he claimed put a spell on him. It's been nearly 40 years, and the Beetle was murdered, and John Lennon's killer remains in prison. Mark David Chapman shot and killed line outside is New York City apartment on December 8th 1980 Lina was 40 Chapman is serving a 20 years to life sentence at a prisoner buffalo he get expressed regret for his actions. Telling the parole board he would have no complaint whatsoever. If they chose to leave him in prison for the rest of his life. Chapman Adity felt he deserved the death penalty for his despicable act. Thinks about the painting inflicted on Lenin's wife, Yoko Ono all the time. Chapman also says he assassinated Lenin

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