Escaping monogamy


Women are more sexually liberated than we've ever been, but in spite of. Work, nece. The majority of his still believe in monogamy monogamy means the search is over. You'll here now arrived where it's safe, secure and familiar. But if we admit it, it can also get kind of well. Being polite, he bit kind of repetitive. After you find someone, you think he's Jesus settle down with its completely assumed that your in monogamous relationship. And that presumption isn't just coming from society it's coming from you. According to the Australian Study of Health and relationships ninety six percent Australians expect monogamy from themselves and their partner. But what if instead of one pot now one bed and one stupid advice to look at every morning it's two, three, four I don't know maybe five stupid faces. We're exclusive to each other people might say like, why did you bother game? Then sometimes I do think that myself. This is Khloe she's in her thirties been married for three years and with the same partner for ten. They're still working out the rules of the Pali Game. We talked about threesomes, but it never happened because like how'd you engineer that like neither of US wanted to go on the APPs because it was it would just be embarrassing like all. What if someone that we know US knows that we have sex. And then earlier this year basically all started I developed this huge crush on a friend. And it was actually really stressful. Because I was terrified that it kind of meant that I didn't love my husband anymore and maybe I wasn't supposed to be with my husband and maybe are supposed to be with this guy and my partner knew about this told them from the very beginning like, Oh, I'm having these squishy feeling. So this guy and I was very honest about all of it, but then the more intense feelings. The more stressful. It became because like I said I was worried. That it meant that I needed to get a divorce. I'm been in therapy for a long time and I remember me telling the therapist, all of this and her being like I'm just going to tell you something all of these feelings your feelings have got nothing to do with your relationship with your husband. It's all on you and I was like say. It. Just needed to say that because I was so scared and I think talking about that with other women like we all get crushes and it doesn't mean that you've made the wrong decision. So, yeah. That didn't go anywhere but then old friend of mine called me around my birthday happy birthday. Then a couple of days later he text me and invited me over to his place and I showed my husband this text and I was like isn't it with like we don't see each other often I've never been to his house before yet he's inviting me over. Do you think is like trying to sleep with me and my partner was like Nah sounds like he wants to hang out and have a few drinks and I said Okay Should I continue with this story? This is where interesting. So I went to this guy's house. So I, my PJ's I really didn't think that he wanted to have sex with me. And we sat up and we were talking for ages and we're watching telly and he just suddenly turned. Hey. So I can't get Netflix on this. TV. In the lounge room but I can get it on my laptop. This question like watch TV in bed together is that too weird and I was like, oh no, that's fine. So we lay down in bed and I was like as far away as I could possibly get from him on the other side of the bed and we sat there and we watched about twenty minutes of Queer Eye. And he was like, can I just I just? Can you come a bit closer? If. That's a good idea and he was like why and I was like because I think if we touch than, we might have sex and he was like, would that be? And then weakest, and then we had sex. And it was very intense like that was the first time I'd had sex anyone side from my partner. In ten years. It was intense. What about your husband does he had any? Yeah. He doesn't tell me unless I ask I think because he knows that it it makes me feel icky by also know that that aching. US. Get smaller with time like when I first found out, they had slept with someone. I, was on a train. Carriage on a drain. And he text me Tomiichi I. Yelled like what the fuck? Everyone in the. ME. And I couldn't I kind of couldn't stop laughing because I was so shocked. I mean he's a sexy man. Obviously I, love him I married him but it was just so weird to thing that he actually likes let with someone else. And it felt horrible. And I got off the train and he met me and I just. I I couldn't stop laughing. So. Like I moved through their emotions pretty quickly obviously shock I. But then it was funny and then it felt a bit gross. Then it was kind of sexy which I didn't see coming at all.

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