What Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump and the Republicans


Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump and the Republicans are going to do. With the past scene of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It's all really simple and really clear in my hot take. What I'm going to say probably isn't going to animate and or excite either side. But I'm going to give you the truth. Just so you know what the truth is. I'm going to cut through the B s. And then it's on you to do what you want with it. Look, here's the deal. Yeah, it's wrong. Okay. I'm a conservative. I'm a proud conservative. Anton in Scalia. Remember Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia? He's my model for an ideal Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas. I'm a big fan of Clarence Thomas as well. All right, just so you know where I'm coming from. Okay? I am a conservative. The thought of another conservative Supreme Court justice. To someone like me. Pretty dang cool. I'd like that. But this is wrong. Not this way. Not now. People are already voting. Like, you know, we talked about how we've got thes rules. These unwritten rules. The Senate rules. The Mitch McConnell rule. The Joe Biden rule when a when A when a Supreme Court vacancy comes open right during an election year. The rule the unspoken rule the unwritten rule during a campaign year, right during a campaign year. Ah, you gotta lay off, right? Don't proceed with it. That's what the Republicans didn't 2016 when they didn't allow Obama's picked even get a hearing right? The deal was, we're in the middle of a campaign season. It's Barack Obama's last year in office. We can't move forward Campaign season. We're in the middle of an election. People are all ready Voting. You understand what I'm saying? It's not like it was back in 2016 with Merrick Garland in February. In February Oven election year. 89 10 months before an election. The election's already been gone. Already begun. People are voting. People began voting a week and a half ago. And you're telling me that in the middle of an election like you understand in America right now, there's no such thing as Election Day. It is the election season. People began voting for president a week and a half ago. And a whole lot of people are going to vote today. People are already voting. You can't and shouldn't Proceed. I'm trying to confirm. A Supreme Court justice pick in the middle of an election, not in the middle of an election year. Forget that in the middle of an election. I want to say at the outset. Just to just to get our discussion going. I am a conservative. Stanton in Scalia was one of my political heroes. But it is wrong. What the Republicans are trying to do here ran this thing through here this close to election day after people have been cut after people have begun voting. It's wrong. Too close. Whoever wins on my opinion as a conservative, whoever wins on November, 3rd should decide who the next Supreme Court justice is The people should speak. The people are speaking right now. The people are voting. We have not had this. I don't think by the way I got I think that this hasn't happened.

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