Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin team up


Own race card team, and he's partnering with Sorted Soner, Michael Jordan and bubble Wallace. Hamlin, three time Daytona 500 winner Of the contenders for this year's Cup title, made the announcement Monday on Social media. It will be a single car Toyota entry aligned with Joe Gibbs Racing. As for the driver, Hamlin said. It was easy. That's where bubble Wallace comes in. He will Dr Hamlin's entry into NASCAR, but back to the ownership. There's been speculation for months that Hamlin was organizing some sort of one ownership group. ESPN is Ryan McGee. How in the world is Michael Jordan End up Co owning a brand new NASCAR team? Well, it's not as long a walk as you might think. First of all, Denny Hamlin and M. J R Boys, They have been forever how that happened. Denny Hamlin is the Jack Nicholson of the Charlotte Hornets. He's been courtside forever. Their friendship is so tight. Hamelin actually wears Jordan branded shoes specially made when he's behind the wheel of his race car on the weekend. Second of all, Michael's been a motor sports guy forever. He was a longtime owner of Michael Jordan Motor Sports that competed in the AMA Superbike. Siri's And third of all, there's Brad Doherty, Michael Jordan's old buddy from Chapel Hill in the early eighties, a long time co owner of J. T G. Dori Racing in the Cup series, he has lobbied his friends in MBA forever to invest. In NASCAR. Why's Michael Jordan? Finally doing that? Finally listening. Brad finally listened Denny because of bubble Wallace and the attention the Wallace has received this year and what M J sees is a possibility. To literally change the face of NASCAR. Hamlin expecting NASCAR's business model to become more favorable for team owners when the next Gen car is released in 2022. NASCAR rules do prohibit a current driver from owning a team and driving for another. But Hamlin Working around that policy with Jordan as the primary owner, Michael Jordan became a partial owner of the Bobcats in 2006 bought the team out right in 2010 restoring into the Hornets name and as you heard Hamlin, a longtime season ticket holder, Jordan. Has been in the NASCAR season finale to watch Hamlin race for the championship. And Hamlin is seeking entitled for the first time, Wallace I'll be his driver Jordan, as you heard won't be alone. With basketball ties to NASCAR. Former U. N. C teammate and Cavaliers rival Brad Dougherty, owner of G. Doherty Racing SportsCenter all night,

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