Should You Go to War With a Larger Company


Super committed to your success online. We've worked with them to a special offer just remarking school listeners. All you have to do is go to dream host dot com slash marking school to learn more and get your website online today. Welcome to another episode of Marketing School I'm Eric Su. And I'm Neil Patel and today we're GonNa talk about if you should go to war with a larger company. So let's give you some context here. Yesterday were recording this as of August Fourteenth Twenty, twenty fortnight decided to go all out. They basically added in that payments and gay people discount, and you're actually you're not allowed to do that inside of apples ego system or android ecosystem because they charge either apple charges thirty percent commission I believe for Android it's about twenty percent or so. So both android and apple kick them off the. But what happened was epic, which is the owner fortnight by the way to do seventeen, billion dollars a year I believe they had their lawyers ready to go. So everything was drafted out boom lawsuit and basically what happened next was they had the nineteen eighty-four spin spin on apple's nineteen eighty-four added where that person came out and she spun around and through this thing. At the big giant TV and so look they were totally prepared to take off the gloves ready to go crazy and so yeah, they're fighting this behemoth seventeen billion dollars is the David Goliath is, what's what's apple's market cap trillion right over one trillion they're actually me up closer to getting to too there you have it. So what are your thoughts on this? Neil? Look at today I believe you should do what's best for your customers and users, and if that means you have to fight someone didn't do it because whatever's the best experience for your customers, your users what benefits in the most is what's going to win in the long run? Even if that means, you're going to have a battle with a really large corporation. Yeah I, think you know most people that are not in text don't know about the base camp founders how they launched. Hey and the how they're fighting they were fighting apple I don't know what ended up happening with that. But this is a much bigger example because everyone knows what art is and for them to actually file a lawsuit and then go against them and create a really nice add as well. That shows that you know they are sick and tired of being charged. You know seemingly outrageous kind of race it's I actually think it's apples prerogative to charge whatever they want. To charge, you know you're you're free to come off the platform whatever. So we'll see how this plays out. You know I think it's good pr you know from a market perspective it's going to be good for epic fortnight to just be like Oh like, yes I'm was actually standing up to apple and you know they're going to be in the news for a little bit more, and so we'll see what happens there and they're also big enough where they potentially when while most people who are trying to mess around with apple are much smaller have the capital while fortnight has enough. Money, but in general speaking, you should do its best beer users, and if that means you fight against someone than Soviet, you're doing what's best and what's right and at the goal then go for it you may not win. There's no guarantee of that but you gotta do what's right for people. Yeah I mean the final thing I'll add is look the discount on a permanent discount, right so instead of paying seven dollars or sorry instead of paying ten dollars for to buy coins for for in game items, it's actually seven dollars. Now I believe eight dollars. That's a significant discount because. I. Remember back

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