NASA and US Space Force team up for planetary defense


NASA is joining forces with the Department of Defense's Space force on a number of fronts, including looter exploration through the Artemus program. For more we turn to the KCBS Ring Central News Light and talk with CBS News military expert Dr Jeffrey McCausland, a retired U. S Army Colonel, Colonel. Thanks as always, for being with us this afternoon. It's great to be with you. Let's talk a little bit about NASA's history with the military. It's a long one. It certainly is. This is Ava knew really of an agreement that was done about 19 years ago between then and NASA and U. S Space Command because Space force had not back been created. The collaboration occurs on such things that space policy research technology and the protection the planet from has was objects such as asteroids. Talk a little bit about the newly formed space force and how it will interact with NASA. I think that's way to describe. It might be a metaphor between the Department of Defense and the State Department. Space Force eyes, obviously there to secure space for the peaceful operations of the United States, its allies and others. And to protect the U. S interests in outer space. I think we need to think about this in terms of the domains of warfare, which traditionally had been three air, Land and sea. And now more more. We're saying two new domains of warfare. Appearing. One, of course, is cyber and second in space because of our dependency on space and a growing concern that a number of countries around the world China is a very good example. Have been testing in I satellite weapons testing lasers. Testing the use of cyber weapons to hack into space systems like Space horse there to provide security so that NASA has a scientific diplomatic organization can conduct peaceful exploration of outer space. In the term. That's I believe you might have mentioned Is that certainly in their news release today, planetary defense that really is, is less about aliens coming to get us in more about protecting the planet from asteroids, for example. That's right. I mean, we got a lot of things going on. You know, I think right now, would you believe that an asteroid is supposed to come fairly close to the planet Earth the day before upcoming presidential election now? All predictions are little cause no harm. But just monitoring objects like that, as they moved through outer space is one thing that NASA does, and we'll do that in collaboration with the air Force now in space Force, now, brother And keep them appraised so they can't coordinate their activities. When you talk about attacks on satellites. What What kind of arsenal is in the defense? I mean, how do you prevent or or Interrupted in progress. Certainly you can maneuver satellites. Certainly you monitor the launch of other nations satellites as they moved through outer space. To keep track on research on and on and they're testing of analyst satellite weapons and what they're doing. And the last not least not unlike nuclear weapons. You have to have a certain deterrents aspect of all this. The other side knows if you attack my satellites, I'm going to attack your satellites either in doing physical harm or attacking him using cyber

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