Preparing For Perimenopause: You Don't Have To Do It Alone

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You're listening to shortwave. From NPR. Hey Everybody Emily Kwong here. This episode, we're talking about a special time in a person's life. When their body goes through a lot of hormonal changes. A no we are not talking. About puberty. We're talking about life on the other side of the Reproductive Rainbow. We're talking about menopause and Peri Menopause specifically, when I was nine, I got the talk all about what's going to happen to my body when puberty kicks in. But no one gives you the talk for Perriman applause no one sits you down in your thirties and is like, hey, this is going to happen. It's GonNa like this is what you're gonNA feel totally. Fine here's resources. Here's some ice cream. Nobody does that that's a huge huge problem. Yeah, and our message to listeners is this chapter of life is navigable xactly, and we have health correspondent Chatterjee here to help. Hi, Emily High. So Peri menopause is experienced by a lot of people radio. There is a lot of silence around it. Yeah and nobody even going through it really talks about it or talk to each other in hush tones. One generation never really tells the next generation hate this is what you have to expect, and that's the problem has like rediscovering are uteruses every generation again and again and again? Exactly. Exactly. Anyway Technically Menopause wins gone through a whole calendar year where they haven't menstruating but peri menopause is essentially the transition to menopause. When one's body is preparing to end the reproductive stage of light okay. This can last for years. It can be anywhere between one to ten years usually four years on average. Wow. And it can start as early as your thirty s in some cases though usually it happens in your forties and fifties. And it can come with the ranger physical symptoms. I think hot flashes the one that we hear about more often You know those irregular periods, which is often the first symptom, but the other thing that gets talked about even

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