Brett Kavanaugh, Mitch Mcconnell And President discussed on America's Morning News


Copal on Lee 37% say the president should make this pic now half believe whoever's elected in November should decide which is what Democrats want. Senate Republicans are ready for this. Fox is Rachel Sutherland has more live day. Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham says Republicans have the votes to confirm a replacement before the election, telling Fox's Sean Hannity Democrats tried to destroy Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation process. After cabin on everything changed with me. They're not going to intimidate me. Mitch McConnell or anybody else. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer referred to leader McConnell stance in 2016 on waiting during an election year applies even more so now, more so, so much closer. We are to an election to more Republican senators, Chuck Grassley and Cory Gardner now say they support moving forward. Save the range of the president will address the U. N General Assembly this morning, but not in person. He and other world leaders. They're sending videos and what's a virtual event in this Corona crisis. A Border Patrol agent is hospitalized this morning, the agent was trying to arrest a group of suspected illegal immigrants on the Arizona border. One of the immigrants reportedly took out a knife and stabbed the agent multiple times. The agent then fatally shot his attacker. Coxes, Carley Shimkus. Tropical Storm beta raining down on parts of Texas becoming

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