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Is that ideal kind of work to do remotely? Even my own experience with self isolation, as he realized that I've been doing exactly that for a number of years so when you talk to Coders, how many of them preferred this work method? HOW POPULAR HAS IT become? Well. It's very popular, and that's because coders love working from home, the vast majority of coders. If they were given the choice, they would say yes. I would work from home all the time. And the reason why is because it just gives them a quiet and a focus and a lack of interruptions from people sort of tapping them on the shoulder in the cubicle. If you were to say to them. Hey, guys, everyone! Where would you prefer to work? They would all prefer to work from home. One Tech Company, that is a big advocate for remote work is base camp. They've been around for twenty years and they've been remote from the start. Even before it became popular, their staff work from home around the world. Let's listen to David. Haina Myer Hamson? He co-founded base camp with Jason Freed. He's also the creator of Ruby on rails. Actually for the first six months after I started working with Jason. We. Emailed an IM. We didn't even talk on the phone, so took six months I think before we had our first phone call and it took over year until we met each other in person so for very long time, this was not conventional wisdom, so we got access to this huge talent pool of people who've realized that they don't want. Live in San Francisco. They don't want to live in New York. They don't want WanNa. Live in Seattle. They don't live in any of these big tech hubs yet. The really proficient qualified people so. The fact that base Kim allowed them to do. This was a huge factor in both are hiring strategy and our retention strategy in two thousand twelve I had a series of conversations with other entrepreneurs. were, I would ask them about the work practice in and we talk about remote, and they would just give me these trite defenses for why remote can work. Oh, you can't do corporation. The magic only happens around the whiteboard and I thought like what people still think like this. Is that possible? The whiteboard is basically nonexistent base camp. The number one tool we have is writing acing cronies by yourself writing and you posted and you let time pass by good collaboration happens when. Creative people get time and space to do deep thinking. And they compiled deep thinking into deep writing, and the deep writing consists not of one chat line at the time, but a fully composed census form paragraphs the form complete arguments, and then you consider those arguments. With the advantage and calm of time, ninety percent is the considered writing that five percent chat, and then maybe five percent I. Don't know zoom or Tubal or some other video connection share my screen kind of collaboration. So Clive David is making some super interesting point here so I never would have thought of. Are there other ways of working that coders were using that? Make remote work success. Yea Absolutely. They arranged times when they know that they're going to be in contact. Maybe in face to face contact, so there was definitely companies I spoke to that said okay. We know our developers do their best work when they're not here. But we want them to be here some of the time you know. We want to have some face to face meetings. They still believe in that, and so they would have these schedules that were like you know from Tuesday and Thursday one zero five PM. We need everyone to be in the office. Just we can have some time to talk the rest of the time. Go wherever. Wherever you want, you can work in the office if you want to. You can work wherever you want. It could be you know at starbucks could be at home, so this sort of interesting lattice of new arrangements is is one thing that works really well another thing that I. think works really well as figuring out. What's sort of mode of chat or communication that everyone likes. Likes most in in David's case. He likes and his team likes long-form email conversations and I've definitely talk to people that like that, but other ones. They actually really liked slack, or they really liked good old fashioned IRC right like you know green text on a black background, but they worked out what they're. Co presence was because there's there's this phenomenon that sort of psychologists who talk. Talk, about online communication describe as ambient awareness, which is the the ability to know what other people are sort of thinking about doing when you're not physically there with them you know and there's a lot of technologies that allow us to do that and the best remote teams think carefully about what their ambient awareness method is, and they lock in on it and they use it.

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