Chicken Dissertation


So we did they ll the videos out yet a hope maybe by the end of the week I've been. Kind of lazy this last week. there's other things going on but. We did the prototype chair. And I was in a hot debate with myself on whether or not to add the embellishments to that chair or leave it as it is because it's I thought it looked kind of cool as it is, but I also wanted to do these other things to it. And I made the decision to leave it as is. So that video is complete, just got to shoot the ending in. Put that out and then I had started but not gotten very far on version number two I have this beautiful walnut slab and I'm not really in slab furniture. So I'm going to cut it up into pieces and I can resell it, and I can get the the legs in the seat out of it and I kind of home the design a little bit more so it doesn't look so. it looks cool but there's a there's a computer Drawing element to it that kind of boats may so I? I just kinda redrew it just a little bit. To get rid of it, give it some more I guess Pachuco feel to it and then. For the owls if you I mean nobody's seen this. So but the most of it is made up of of dowels and on the second one I use PVC pipe, it is such a cheap option and I was. For a little bit, Kinda wanted to do a stainless steel and get too expensive and maybe it's too cold and the alternative to that was conduit electrical conduit, which is also super cheap. You get like a ten foot thing for four bucks or whatever. and then settled for the PVC. 'cause it's going to have like a brilliant white up against this walnut Look good. So starting with that, and the problem with this one is a totally fail because the slab have has we're grain in it. and. Then you know whenever you cut into that, it could just twist and bandon turned into a single chip. So hopefully, it doesn't. So That's Canada now and Yeah I'm happy. I'm happy with the design I. I. I e fumbled a little bit or a Kinda. Where your bottom sits on there, I fix curbed a little bit and then the back is I move the curve down just a little bit just to make it a little bit more comfortable. It's still I don't think it's going to be a chair that you wanNA, sit in for hours. Because there's no cushion. It's just kind of forms to your body. But as a dining chair, I think it will work just fine. It's like a starbucks chapter like the starbucks chairs look really comfortable in about three or four minutes in you're like. They, do that on purpose so you don't stay in there. was going to say about furniture is one of the designed chairs I know my own personal experiences you never know if you've made the right decision that insecurity will sit with you forever might mice stools with you Built it will haunt you forever because every time I sit in my stool I made four of those those made full more for customers. I was very anxious to send out hoping that they would be happy with the result, but that's the way I am with anything that I ever make for customer I'm always anxious fulfilled their expectations. But by stools, I've made three of them made for them. Three of them are here at my house. One of them's entails design studio and I was sitting in last night and the whole time I'm sitting in my mind is just an autopilot maybe the foot rungs to love maybe the former inkster high, maybe the the the the but is too low maybe the butts to hide maybe why I grabbed on my fingers, it could have been thin. I can't stop it. So it's the same thing like when you're sitting in your run chair show you having very similar experience. You just can't stop let you can did I make the right decisions one hundred percent I might my personal thought was if I can sit in this chair without thinking about sitting in this chair than I know a I've done it right but I Without, judge without feeling without trying to figure out where to go next it's I. Don't know if I'll ever get to that point.

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