Students for Life activists arrested for defacing Black Lives Matter mural


Joining us right now, Kristen Hawkins, who is president of students for life. Of America and Kristin to ofyour activists were arrested this past weekend. Right here in Washington. D C. Good morning. Why were they arrested? Good morning. Thanks for having me today. Yeah, we What? Out Saturday. It was national pro life generation sidewalks. So we had students across the country going to Planned Parenthood. Another abortion, silly, praying counsel women. Our team went out there to paint the street to say black, pre born lives matter. We had written the mayor sensor there had painted the streets of the seed black lives matter and allow the group of asked for this. Add on her paintings to say deep on the police, and she allowed him to do that, with how the formal on to do with permanently we had written, the mayor asked her to allow us the same light as she allowed the other activists. We have spoken with them done on that perm it the police called us NASA's issues. Temporary paint, which we complied with. We've got out there for him on Saturday and had six squad cars waiting for threatening the rest. If you are To attempt to put anything on the street. So being activists we have a backup plan it sidewalk chalk with us. We do this all the time. One of our team members Warner, who actually counted upon the pregnancy there every Saturday and sidewalk chalk every single Saturday. Began to sidewalk chalk, black reborn lives matter in front of the planned Parenthood on the sidewalk. Not on the street. Ah, one with one eye open university, Erica Catelyn, and the police arrested them for simply sidewalk, chalking and I want to make sure I understand this correctly. You did ask for a Permit. It sounds like it was granted you then here to what they told you to do, which is used temporary paint, and it sounds based on you applying for that permit that the police knew in advance when you were going to be there, And when you plan to paint this is that how they knew you were going to be there and with it already predetermined. Do you think by the police that they plan to arrest you? If you did anything to the sidewalk, including writing black black lives matter, even if it was done in shock. Umm Yeah, we had written their advance of getting the permit telling her, you know, we we know you have opened the streets up now to public expression. You can't discriminate based on you know what messages painted in the streets. We would like you to extend us the same rights and we gave her deadline and we said we're going to be out there Saturday. All his first and father planned parent heart. If you do not respond, we will take that as acceptance that you know what we're doing. And in fact, her office the mayor's office, I contacted D C special events office who then contacted our team. We got a permit to assemble because you have to have a permit. We had to have a committee. Cirio assemble. 50 people are under wearing masks, social distancing. We've got that permit. The police officers called us asked us to please use temporary paint, which we complied with. But that's how they knew where we could be out there on and we got pretty loud and clear the mayor's answers when she had six Claude cars leading for us, and when we asked the police officers on the scene You know who they were Reporting to who? Their boss wise thie officer in charge directly responded the mayor. Amazing. Amazing, So they just used your attempts to be good citizens as in as a road map to find you and then to eventually arrest your activists in all of this, Kristen, you know, One thing that really sticks out to me is the disparate treatment that your group has received, as when it comes to free expression in the district. So you mentioned it before. But it bears repeating right next to the mural that Miria ll Bowser authorized, which was defunded mystery, which was black Lives matter. She's put it right in front of the White House in giant letters, activist Black lives matter. Activists came in and added, defund the police of their own accord. They they did that without a permit. They just put it right next to the black lives matter, and they put it in permanent paint on the ground immediately in front of the White House. Rather than punish those people. Miriam Bastard gave them the OK after it was over. Those words are still painted on the ground right now in front of the White House and have been for the last month or two. Meanwhile, you're activists used shock on the sidewalk and were arrested. It's starting to sound like you have grounds for a lawsuit. Are you going to file one? Absolutely. This is clear viewpoint discrimination. Our team has been flooded with requests for legal aid groups have been coming in saying We will help you sue the city because this is a slam dunk. Constitutional First Amendment case, and we believe it is so we we have our own in house legal counsel that we work with. We were hiring criminal defense attorneys for morning Erica the two individuals who were arrested for sidewalk talking, and then we're also bringing on a team of lawyers who will be handling our First Amendment federal lawsuit against the city and the mayor. And Chris and I also want to ask about the message that you were sending out the message that was chalked, which is Moon black. Pre boy born lives matter. How has that message been received by people when you point out the fact that so many black Children are aborted in our country that I mean that's what's so sad. If you think about this case, while Warner and Erica are being arrested and being processed and book to Metro police Planned Parenthood on Saturday across the nation ended alive of 360 black Children. That is what they dio every single day for out of five Planned Parenthood locations are in walking distance from minority dense population. The abortion rate for black women is five times higher than white women. It is very clear that not only does planned Parenthood and now their own employees are admitting that Planned Parenthood has a racist past with their founder, Margaret Sanger, who was a genesis to believe that birth control and sterilization was a solution to a limiting what people she called human leads, but they also have a racist. Present and it needs to be addressed right now. This is an important conversation happening within our nation, and we want to add to that conversation would say absolutely black lives matter. The one you say black lives matter. We also mean lives that had not only been born, but lives are in the wounds are freeborn minds their lives that are about to be born, you know, or Children that are about to be born. You've got Kanye West in recent days talking about this is well, he tweeted just a couple days ago. Over 22,500,000 black babies have been aborted over the past 50 years. I'm not sure of his numbers are right, but he definitely is getting to a real issue on DH. He also tweeted I cried at the thought of a boarding my firstborn and everyone was so concerned about me. I'm concerned for the world that feels you shouldn't cry about this subject. What's your reaction to seeing Kanye West to come along and say, Yeah, this is a real issue. Yeah. I mean, I think this is a very raw and emotional issue for so many Americans. I think it is so sad to see. So I watched, you know, Campaign speech in South Carolina. He broke down, crying, talking about how he himself was almost aborted by his mother on then how this discussion happened with his firstborn child, whether or not to abort her and end her life. I think that resonated with millions of Americans. I mean, I meet people all the time you say I was on the operating table and I gotta walk out. I don't know why I do I You know, I didn't have the money. I was scared to death. But I just knew I couldn't have the abortion. And no day goes by that. I'm not grateful for making that. Choice for life, so I think what it was so well. It was so emotional. I think it regulated with so many Americans. Why do you think it's very sad? I was really something in Hollywood. You know articles about what car long with Connie West? Yes, Conquest is crazy and one I think we need to be very careful about how we label people crazy. This mental health in a very real concern in our names, and we shouldn't be labeling people who may have been, you know. Late diagnosis by Paul Alors crazy and it's okay. And it's okay to admit that some people have it. Thank you, Cristian. Sorry. Just cause we're out of time. But it is okay to stay. Some people have it right on some issues and wrong on others. He's completely right on the issue of

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