Germany: Garden search continues in McCann investigation


Of a possible development in the Madeleine McCann investigation. Correspondent Frederik Pleitgen tells US police in Germany or conducting a search in a garden near the city of Hanover. Prosecutors still remaining fairly tight lipped about what exactly they're doing. What I am hearing, though, from German media is that they are using that excavator there, apparently moving a lot of things out of that garden actually put up a dumpster outside of it as well to sort of take things out what they have also done those. They've also put up screens to try and block the views. Obviously, people passing by the cameras, of course as well. Madeline was three years old when she went missing in 2007 well on vacation with her family in Portugal In June, Prosecutors in Germany told CNN they had some evidence that a man who had been imprisoned for an unrelated crime had killed the child, but there was not enough evidence. To file charges.

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