Episode 13 - Part 2 - America's Powerful Underground Sex World - burst 4


Relations with Epstein. Epstein came in spotlight. Clinch trip to Africa made headlines while. Clinton continued to deny allegations of being involved with Stein's crimes to share numerous incriminating ties. Go figure, BILL'S GONNA say I don't know anything about him. You know I'd had I didn't have sexual relations with that woman. Remo Lips you know taking a lafrance George H W Bush. In Two Thousand Bill Clinton Jeffrey Epstein. Turn African countries on a week long trip along with actors. Kevin Spacey Chris Tucker. We already know about Kevin, spacey It was a trip for the Clinton Foundation meant to raise awareness about the HIV AIDS crisis in poverty, and after hey, you know for sex trafficker might as well raise the money for HIV and age. until the trip to Africa kept out of the media's attention, however, his sudden connection with the president quickly become the socialite in the media spotlight. Clinton went with Epstein Because Epstein had a private jet WHO's infamous Tagline was the Lalita Express, and after the trip Clinton, calling obscene, a highly successful financier and a committed philanthropist and a statement. Lee Photographs Show Clinton with a Brazilian Maxwell who happened to be Epstein girlfriend and longtime associate Maxwell has been accused of recruiting girls for Epstein in his custody is in custody awaiting trial now interesting fact She was pretty chummy with Clinton's because she was thirty graft at the wedding. Of

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