Checking on Friends in New York and Italy


Let's start today's travel through exterior with a call to our friend, Fred Plotkin in New, York City his work on Italian. Cuisine and opera earned him special honor from the Italian government a few years ago. But like the rest of us, he's staying home and Haton Intel. The risk of infection improves. Giorno Fred. Great to be with you wherever you are, Rick. You Fred first of all you call yourself a pleasure activist, I love that term, and it sort of reminding me of your passion for Opera Your Passion for Italy your passion for cooking, and all the lecturing and writing and work you do. Turn people under those joys of life. How was your life like right now in new? York City I'm in the thick of it. In terms of what the epicenter has been in New York. And my philosophy became at the very beginning better six feet apart than six feet under so I've been very very responsible as I encourage everyone to be if people can get to the plays in world, wars and pandemics, the vast. We need to learn from what people did. Or didn't do and that's sustenance to me to study the past at times like this. Because otherwise we feel abandoned. The past there to teach us, and so I've been reading I've been studying I've used the opportunity to begin to work on a book. I've been wanting to write for years, but haven't had the time. Time is a gift. We need to use it very very well, and I tried to. And I've been reminding myself and my friends that rather than spinner wheels and try to do something. We can't do during this period. Find a way to make it a constructive time and a blessing when you think about your passions opera for instance to me I am so saddened by the notion that one of the most dangerous things. This time is being acquire because the worst way to. To spread this virus is by singing with Gusto, making a joyous sound that depresses me frankly that choirs could be deadly now I have to see them in these checkerboards zoom world singing solo right now and you know I have many opera singer friends who are very dear friends of mine, and I feel for them terribly some of the managing and they sing, and they practice, and they steady new music, but others feel that without the sound of applause in the presence of colleagues. It's not their work and my feeling is always been that when we go into a feeder or church where people are seeing where. Action happens and air shared. Is that sharing of the air the electronic current that happens between humans? That's a huge part of. Our experience at alive theater as a communal setting and something that virtual technology just cannot replicate I never. An opera on the radio or on video and operates a report from an Opera House. But I'm not saying. These things are bad and right now I, certainly enjoying audio operas well but communal gathering. Is something fundamental. You talked about the sharing of air I never thought about that, but I've been thinking about it without knowing it. It's the sort of a communion of course when pastors are struggling with. How can we be together at church if you can't have the sharing of the peace or communion or fellowship or singing? There's no sharing of air and when you go to a pub, you want to share that air when you go to a theater when I give a lecture I want the house packed. It's the sharing of the air, and that's going to be an adjustment for us, and we can hope and pray it will come back, but in the interim we can be singing solo and doing it in a community kind of way. I. Suppose think of the word inspiration. That's where that comes from. It's about breathing together. We do breathe together. I I WANNA make a point to that New York City during the complete lockdown. was incredibly quiet and I heard birds and all kinds of things. I did normally here and frankly the air was much. Cleaner city has slowly begun to try to read self up again. The air is kidding dirtier. This is the place you're activists in me that I'm very sensitive to these things. And although I would not wish on anyone what we've been through nonetheless. I wish we could learn that. There are ways to keep the air cleaner

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