Train Your Brain To Find Opportunities During A Crisis


Welcome to the Mater Hell, show this fitness nutrition expert, Shawn Stevenson and I'm so grateful to you today. We've got a very popular episode nine up today with him. Talking about how we can make the most of the situation that we find our society and right now you know with twenty twenty. It seems like twenty twenty came along and through our lives into a blender, but today we're GonNa talk about how we can make it into a delicious smoothie. You know what I mean and right now here in the state of California that just moved to. We haven't even been here full year yet. Society is re shut down there and just shut it down, opened it little bit open the crack and they shut it back down and right now for the upcoming semester children are you back to school we've got millions of people who are unemployed. Countless businesses are closed and this is a very trying time and I truly want everybody to understand that we have not seen the fallout. Fallout yet. The true fallout and I WANNA help to make sure that as many people as possible are in a position to overcome this, because our mental health is going to be stressed, our financial health physical health are relationships, but we can come out better Albert Einstein said that in the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity, and we have to shift our mindset to that, though because when things are going bad, we're faced with. especially uncertainty, we tend to go to the dark side. Are This is how? An CONSI- Walker you know went down the wrong path it was it was presented with You know those those trying times and trying opportunities you know so shout out to Darth vader shadow to space balls IRA out. They get credit. one of the greatest movie parodies of all time all right instead of Chewbacca, the wookey. They had BARF play by John. Candy. Alright a big shot to them. But again in the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity. We have to shift our mindset there and this has been a trying time for many. But I believe that we are strong I believe that we are capable and I believe that this is a time in history that is offering a great reset. It's offering an opportunity for humanity elevate. It makes me think of you know the original Nintendo the original Nintendo. The game console itself had two buttons. One was a power button in one was a reset button. First of all, why don't if I want to reset? Push the power button often. Turn it back on again. They're like no. You're going to need this reset button. The reset says. I'm playing the game. Maybe I made a mistake maybe i. was exposed to clinch. May. Be I WANNA do something different, but the reset says I'm going to keep playing. is going to tap this real. Quick I'm GONNA keep playing. And I think their life right now is a big reset button that is getting pushed whether we like it or not, and so we need to embrace it because it's happening, you know fighting against what is is what leads to allow to suffering. But the thing is we don't have to. We don't have to be content about it. We need to accept it realize what's happening. Realize what is and then put in place an intelligent. Plan of action which starts from the inside. Truly, all changes in inside game and really getting our mindset right and taking control of our own personal. Economy inside of our minds are personal health and wellness inside of our minds, so we can take that and spread that out to our family and our communities so very excited about this episode in as I mentioned. This is my first full summer here in California I grew up the Mid West S. T.. L.! Right in here in California is, it's amazing. The consistency in the weather, but something that I've noticed is very different from the Midwest Summers. Is that here in California you got the heat he might be to say is nine hundred ninety five outside. And If, there's a piece of shea going. Get into the shade in this cooler cycle is nice shadier. In Saint, Louis, it doesn't work that way. Would you say if it's ninety ninety five and Saint Louis? And you see a little piece of shade going. Get some of their shade, but. He's like what do you think you're going? We have this little extended arm, cold humidity, and it'll grab your by your collar. I make your holiday dollar humidity. It doesn't feel good. You know so. It's like I've got a true experience now of going into the shade and me like Oh. This is nice, nice shade. But Saint Louis doesn't work that way shot to all my friends and family in Saint Louis, everybody listening in Saint Louis I love you guys so much.

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