Stop Stepping To Your Vision


Right but so. Most you know Rachel Pearson spoke at the last two hacking lives and she's made. She's also the Queen of Tiktok, and my daughter is her biggest fan, and anyway she's actually going to boise and my daughter so excited to talk with her, which is going to be so fun anyway, she. She, she walks me over a really cool question about you know taking things once airtime, and how you create your vision, and how you bypass things in all kind of stuff so I'm GonNa play her her part of Oxford right here, senior the question and then I'm GonNa. Come back, answer if someone called me out today, and and they were very spot on. They said I feel like you are taking the stairs. One step at a time when you are destined for greatness, so my question to you is. How did you create a vision? Did it fall into your lap? Did you read a book how you create a vision for your life in Your Business that? Keeps everything going. You know like the infinite game from Simon Sinek. Thank you so so so much. Okay, so I think it's a really good question, and it's interesting because. I think a lot of us. We get into this game and we don't really know what's possible where we're going or any of those things you know like. I didn't I didn't know what was happening. Today was possible by any stretch of the machinations. So I think sometimes you bypass your vision. In fact, it was kind of a really cool. What a really cool experience I was Remember we did. The final startup story was with mixer at this. In Utah called the drive, our comedy club and had JP sears. Come into roast me for an hour before we. We did the interview and it was so funny, but anyway at dinner I asked JP makes what's next few. What's what's the next plan? And he has smiled at me. He looks so content something that I've never been my wife and he was like It's like you know what he's like so far. Everything that's happened me surpassed wherever possible select some China just enjoy, and just like enjoy things as they. They. Come and be grateful for them. And I was like Oh my gosh. That is amazing like I need to learn that, so there's that piece of it right and he gets entrepreneur struggle with us, because because We're always looking, you know come back to my my last podcast, so talking about We're so tied into achievement achievement. She moved. Forget about the fulfillment side, so there's an apartment, the other side which I understand Moore's this goal of achieving and trying to take over the world and stuff like that and You Know I. Remember A- At the very I live in ever went to I remember I one thousand dollars to go to which is like the first step for me, my call so much money like stressed out and the speakers talking up people selling different things and and I remember. I can never Ford this thing for two grander, five, ten, grand, or all these different things kind of being like bummed out about it right and I. Remember Admits Kid and the kid was. Maybe a year, older Mir, maybe same age. I was like I was twenty two at the time he been twenty three or something but we are about the same age and and I saw the the presenters Solas Mash grouping route three signed up for it and I was like how did you? How are you for that like I can I can figure it out for that and he's like. Oh, he's like well. There's two ways to get. Get the top you can work your way, and you can buy your insights by my way I'm like well for sounds like this leap in thought I'd never have crossed my mind before my okay, it's pretty cool and then then it's more questions like well. How'd you four for this and he's like I'm actually in twelve masterminds. This time I was like what how did you do that? And he came back and said well what I did is that. What and He's like I. wanted to go these things, but I couldn't afford us as they found. People who kind of trained toss of to so I wanna go is mastermind. Groups obviously can be expensive for everyone to pay. For you for you know if you guys want to go, all this is going to be really expensive so if you're interested. I think if you pay me ten grand and I get. I don't know twenty people. Two hundred thousand dollars Algo. Join all of them and I'll come back until you cool stuff I learned and he got all these people are paying twenty grand. And he took the money, or whatever it was I don't know. And he joined all these mastermind groups, and he bought his way in, and he got up, and he built his company very very very very quickly and I thought that was just a strategic thing. You know I remember celebrity apprentice. Few Watch delivery apprentice in the past I three or four episodes, people do things that was like fundraisers. It was like Corey's money sleep while on the street and they're try. Lemonade always seems raise. Money wasn't tough. I don't know two or three seasons in when the dude from kiss. that. Yeah. Kiss Gene Simmons. GM's was on it and They do fundraising things out there trying to raise money that hustling and he just sat, there picked up his phone made a phone call and got a check from his buddies for half million dollars, and you destroyed everybody else out of the Moore. Looking at thinking, he's thinking in a different level and everybody else says the thought difference, right? Everyone's like like here's the task must do the thing. And they jumped up him. Trump except step-by-step. Whereas Gene Simmons came back and said Look I can do that or I. Can just do this and we'll jump you know a thousand steps past everyone else. And I think I remember watching have now and just like okay. I got started thinking more strategically. US think tactically which tactics are so important is how we get the thing done, but it takes stopping stepping back and looking at things more strategically of okay. Here's next step next up. You want to jump five or ten or twenty tears is not going to happen by you. Doing the next step is to stepping back and saying what's the next thing like what's the? What's the big the big domino? The next I don't know there's ways to phrase. It I'm not sure the best way but conceptually it's it stopping the tactics instead back strategically and thinking different right. Click funnels I'd so many amazing strategic conversations with friends and people The worldwide software company right, if you, if you at the expert, secrets book like we talked about movement and finding a future base 'cause and like all these things that weren't. They weren't tactically like. Here's the next step it. It's like how do we? How do we? We've these things into our culture right? How do we? H-. How do you do these things? They caused these incremental big shifts as opposed to just increasing your your your ads by ten, or you're just created another friend and offer it's like. Have you create things that have mass shifts? Mass changes things like that. I think it really comes back stepping back away from the tactical, which means getting out of the day today, which means taking a vacation, which is hard for us right or or doing strategy your team, and just they look for three days, and we're GONNA work. We're talking about like what's possible. It's a future. Where could we go you know not not with Nextstep, but like if what if we just destroyed these steps and had a whole new thing like what would that look like? And how do we get there and you pull it? Poor Gene Simmons instead of fundraising. You just pull out A. Just, you know, put your phone and call buddy in and get five hundred thousand dollars in five seconds. That's that's the power of it so I. Hope it helps the no, it's not a full answer. Hopefully gets the Wilson head-spinning. Everyone else's listening help that helps as well

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