Real Madrid win La Liga for 34th time



Madrid are champions. Champions of Lollygag for a thirty four time this after they defeat be a real two to one. We're joined by Julian Iran and GAB MARCATTI JEWELS I'll start with you Real Madrid at the beginning of the restart. We said it was very likely they would have to win every single game to overtake Barcelona. They've done it and they've done it so easily clinched the league match still to be played. You're right and winds of ten, and there were two points behind boss, not when restarted Lalita. What six weeks ago, something and then they were just unstoppable. They may maybe not always the most. Pleasant towards attacking wise, but so efficient in both boxes so solid defensively. This is the best remedy defense for for the last thirty years, and that was always the plan from Sudan. Is Priority to win our league this season. He promised it. He delivered it and he did it in a very different way than the other titles before that club this this one was built on being very strong, defensively, being very well organized playing as a team and then relying on Wednesday march the goal. Benzene has been fantastic all season. And the defense has been fantastic or season to Wayne Gordon Veyron and says almost at the bag, the two full as well they've been. They've been pretty special I think and on these eleven heightened for eleven title in two hundred nine again. That's one i. told every Nineteen Games. He's putting credible down I don't believe you're all Madrid. Have trailed since the restart. How impressed with their? Performance. have been very good and I think even when people will flag up certain games where they got the rub of the green with with severe and whatnot by I agree with Jules, you look beyond that this is almost another level of around Madrid. It's almost as if when you think about it. The GALACTICO era is well and truly over in the sense that. Korean bedroom is tastic as he was he. He's an Galactico type as much as he is. A warrior hard hat tight you go through the team beaten hazard for most of the season Gareth Bale once again missing in action, other Michigan's on the bench. except for Tony Crows MoD modern as well off the bench a lot of the time we saw a lot of rotation. We saw a lot of grit. We saw a lot of efficiency we saw. I think aside of of Sedan, who previously was seen as just kind of like a a man manager, a guy who didn't necessarily get to involve not screw things up and just let the players play. We saw a guy who is actually very actively coaching when the injured guys came back. You've worked in back in and I. Think in some ways this might be the most satisfying. Of the of the titles that that's it down as one. Jewel so much has been made in recent days. Officials VR helping out Real Madrid even with your Barcelona ways. Will you discredit that argument here? Think, they were the best team all season really since the loss against my. Tober, I they. They've been on another level really in terms of. The results of course the way they were playing. Pretty much everything they did was almost perfect, and even with the pandemic and break they can by flying. As we said with those ten Wayne's, there were so well prepared far better prepare than boss or not folks up. What both fitness wise and tactically as well and I think Don deserves it off great. See Dan priority because he still feels that it doesn't get the credit deserves and what he did before in the past, lally, gainfully seventeen of research I'm visiting in a row that people never praised him enough really sort of our, but you've got Chris overnight. All you've got wet players and you've got a team that was winning before own that kind of stuff and I. Think this one for him will always be very special because he did it. Maybe as we sit in a very different way, but also him as a as a man as manager was very different, and the personal that you especially without Christianity was very different, and I think he will you take? I think far more prides in in many ways to of one this one especially considering that remedy warning since two thousand seventeen. The would always have a very special taste for him this one.

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