Heavily Armed Fans Guard Statue Of Yogi Bear In Case It Turns Out He Supported Confederacy

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For weeks now confederate statues have been coming down across the country either toppled by protesters or removed by local government says America reckons with its racist history, but things are coming to ahead and Sioux. Falls South Dakota where a group of heavily-armed fans have been guarding a statue of Yogi bear. In case it turns out. He supported the confederacy. Take a listen. Here, with Moore's opie are hanna-barbera correspondent Marcy Hammond mercy. Welcome Hi Leslie. The clip you just heard is the sound of dozens of Yogi bear fanatics who spent the last two days protecting a ten foot, tall statue of the classic cartoon character had a campground in South Dakota wielding assault rifles and clad in camouflage. They say that in the off chance. The animated bear held pro confederacy believes they don't want is fiberglass sculpture. Sculpture Torn down. Here's one of the protesters fill marquis. Who traveled all the way from freaking Aberdeen to help patrol? The Park Yoga's Jelly Stones Funds Spare, and even if he was pro slavery, which we honestly have no idea if he was or not, you can't see racist memory just to appease the social justice warriors I, know I speak for everyone here. Would I say I am prepared to die to defend our? Who strong words have there been any attempts by activists to deface or destroy the statue? There have not and while some would argue. That's because the statue was not in any real danger. Marquis believes it's actually because his crews doing such a good job protecting it I see why of the protesters decided to take a stand now well in light of recent efforts by activists to remove memorials dedicated to Stonewall Jackson Robert e Lee and other southern civil war leaders. This group which has dubbed itself the Jelly Stone militia fears. It's only a matter of time before public opinion turns on its favourite anthropomorphic animal. Here's Marquis again. People are so quick to. To say Yogi. Bear me of harbored pro confederacy beliefs, and therefore should be cancelled, but that completely ignores his rich history, a stealing picking masters his work with Ranger Smith and all the mentoring to providing young bears like boo, boo, we don't know whether he would have stood with the union or fought for southern secession. And until we know for sure I'm going to stay here and she. This statue safe sounds like the jelly stone militias senator for the long haul, our officials, responding State Park Rangers have been attempting to keep the protest peaceful, but haven't always been successful. Take a listen to party with video that Yogi bear fans uploaded twitter today. Only folks. All. Your all the can't hear I just need y'all to register at the front gate and pay seven dollars rounds fee. Oh my God! It's ANTIGA. While we'll clearly tensions remain high marcie. Please keep us updated. As the story unfolds, we all do. That's OPR's Marcy

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