Los Angeles Sheriff challenges LeBron James to match reward money for gunman who ambushed 2 deputies


Sheriff Alex Villanueva is challenging Laker star LeBron James to contribute to efforts to find the gunman who shot two Los Angeles County deputies at point point blank range. Villanueva, making the challenge during an interview on a local radio showed surprise challenge today from L. A county sheriff Alex Villanueva. He unexpectedly issued it to Lakers star LeBron James. To match or even double the reward money to find the shooter. He made that challenge during an interview on a local radio show. As we reported, the sheriff says there are two private pledges totaling $75,000. Plus the $100,000 from the county. So he's challenging LeBron James to kick in $175,000 or even $350,000 that CBS News in Los Angeles just a late update on that story.

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