Apple iPad, Watch and Home bundle: Breaking down all the announcements

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Apple held its big September event today, but there was no iphone. So was the IPAD Apple Watch any new bundle enough? I wrote a Chang charged. With me to break everything down is senior editor at large and apple expert. Sure. I high in a it's been a afternoon for there's been a going on. Let's let's break it all down I. Guess by sequence of when they announce their their various products is talking about the apple. I have to remember. Okay. Yeah. It was secrets quartz. Which? In apple years like three years. Let's let's talk about Apple. Watch was the first off the bad. It was the Apple Watch series six and Apple Watch S C you break down these products rest yeah. It's interesting. So the Apple Watch is very clearly increasingly becoming a health device and to people who've been watching this is not a surprise. Apple found a lot of success turning it into a sport device. That started with the second generation Apple Watch when they made swim proof as what they called it not really waterproof pet swim proof and ever since then they've really been adding a lot more features for health and fitness will now they're adding even another feature for health, which is that going to measure your blood oxygen levels and this is going to do it in. Two ways one will be to do it. If you just want to do it now you push a button and it'll measure over fifteen seconds and uses all sorts of infrared lights in some magic by being you get a number and then it'll also do it in intervals just kind of behind the scenes. So just like with the heart center, if suddenly some something seems completely. Off The watch tap heuristic and say, Hey, you might want to look into this, which is what has saved a lot of people's lives. Yeah. Idea civilized was a big deal that that Promo video they ran to for really unveiling these products just was laid it on pretty heavy about the fact that this is this can save your life. Now I must have been Apple Watch. The reality is that this type of technology is very impactful right I mean it's it's kind of stuff like it's it's really sappy to talk about like how disability functions inside of the iphone arena video game console change people's but they do right there. There are entire people who who were stuck indoors not able to do anything or they were blind and they weren't able to live a normal life and they're able to do so much more now because of the technology that's come from why from. Different phones and all sorts of other stuff. So it's not surprising apples laying this on thick because on some level they they've actually saved lives. They deserve to be able to say that, but I think it's going to be interesting to see whether people buy into this idea over. All right. It's still a nerdy thing. It's still an expensive thing and that's that's a hard sell to people who haven't already bought it read just to be clear like the. Blood oxygen like what is it? What does it actually do be able to detect and monitor that like what is that allowing Apple Watch to do so in a lot of ways, this falls under everything else that we've always heard about various health functions and it was actually in the t at the ending card on their announcements. If you go watch the video, you go to the very end it says this is not meant for medical purposes, right? So. This is really just kind to help you quantify your body and your life, and this is one of the problems we've all had with fitbit and everything else. It's cool to get this data and sometimes it's helpful. But reality is once I've gotten him for like six months. One more do I need right and you know my wife doesn't care about any of the data that she She hasn't even tracker steps anymore. She just cares about whether she closes the rings. That's it right. So it's it's actually a lot of this data is is kind of you don't it's helping with all that right in kind of helping you set goals and get there. But a lot of the state is unnecessary. Apple's doing it because they say look it's going to help us with the. Overall kind telling you what your health is and maybe will maybe it won't I don't know. But we'll see we'll say how how much does this they start for? Yes. So that's the other thing is that this device is going to be three ninety nine to start, which is not cheap and you know, and the other thing also is that they have this cheaper phone watch which. is to Sunday nine starts called the Apple Watch S E and I guess for special edition we never know what these letters mean and one of the things about this thing is that basically a repackaged Apple Watch series three, right so it has the fall detection, which is something that the introduced a while back in a lot of people were really you know they were thinking hey. Elderly people you know they have this I fallen and I can't get up little buttons. Now, they can do their watch. So they're adding some of these functions that they do see a lot of. People. Kind of getting interested in into this device two, hundred, seventy, nine dollars in Stephanie Cheaper. We'll see whether people want it, but it says something yeah. That's two hundred ninety nine seems a little too expensive considering the the series three is still around one hundred and fifty dollars a year. It's not a huge difference between the two, seventy nine and the three, ninety nine. Series six that like I don't know there's that struck me as little expensive for those quote unquote affordable model. I mean think about Black Friday, right one of the things that I have always of found interesting about apple having covered it. Now for more than a decade, is that in a long time ago it apples pears didn't move like there was never a sale on their phones there was never a sale on their. Computers it was very rare and it was only a little bit. But now we're starting to see a sales on them when they come out right and we're seeing prices dropped dramatically during holiday sales. So to seventy nine to start yeah, that does feel a little heart but I wouldn't be surprised to see that creep down to two hundred by the end of this year the other the other big lot unveiled was two new. ipads. So let's let's go into the IPAD at the higher end version what what is new about this new air? Yeah. It takes a lot of the feeling of the pack pro. So it actually has a this more square look to it, which if you care Kinda Cool Stephanie Different and it also has a bigger screen that is actually looks a lot like the IPAD pro so you may remember the IPAD pro they got. Rid of the touch ID, right that button that allows you to use your fingerprint. So this one does not have the face unlock like the IPAD pro instead touch ideas now in the button on the side that you do the power button, that's kind of course. So they that's how they were able to lower the prices from the IPAD pro. It still has a very powerful chip they say it's much more powerful than chromebooks. UPS and all that, and we'll see you know everyone has to do their tests, but it's ships in October for five hundred, ninety, nine dollars again, not cheap and way more expensive than the cheapest chromebooks out there. So we'll see whether people are interested. Yeah. I'll say that pay particular attention that touch ID because it's it is abundant on the top of the screen, not screen top of the device itself it's basically the power bun. I would be intrigued to see if they stick that into the iphone twelve, it would be really smart because right now face ideas essentially useless when you're wearing a mask. So having some sort of touch ID center and I don't think they've got the under glass fingerprint sensor thing down pat yet this would be a good a good compromise.

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