Biden slams Trump as 'climate arsonist' as fires ravage West


Nominee nominee Joe Joe Biden Biden made made sure sure not not like like President President Trump Trump have have the the California California wildfire wildfire issue issue all all to to himself himself on on the the campaign campaign trail trail yesterday. yesterday. Linking Linking the the disastrous disastrous fires to climate change and blasting the president's policies. KCBS political reporter dug Sovereign has that part of our coverage. Speaking in Delaware before literally amber waves of grain undulating in the breeze behind him, Joe Biden said. California and the West are living through an unprecedented apocalypse that goes far beyond the fires themselves. These Americans live in the shadow of an orange sky. They're left asking. His doomsday here and the Democratic presidential nominee warned that another four years of Trump, whom he called a climate arsonist will only worsen the disaster. Since the president doesn't believe in or understand climate change the impacts of climate change, don't pick and choose That's because it's not a partisan phenomenon. It's science. Biden link climate change with the other crises facing the country and said the president isn't leading on this one any more than he is on Corona virus, the recession or race relations, Donald Trump warned that integration is threatening our suburbs. Ridiculous. You know what is actually threatening our suburbs. Wildfires are burning the suburbs in the West.

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